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When it comes to the most important piece of jewellery in life, we are at your side. Welcome to the most romantic category of our online shop: our vintage and antique engagement rings. Get inspired and thrilled by our incomparable selection of engagement rings from all eras. Our assortment stands out positively from all mass products you can find nowadays. Because every engagement ring we offer at Antique Jewellery Berlin, whether antique or vintage, is an individual piece with unique history to learn about. Browse our rings online or find the perfect engagement ring in our Berlin Store.

Finest engagement jewellery from over two centuries

Getting engaged has always been one of the most important events in the lives of two people in love. The best piece of jewellery to be presented for this occasion is an engagement ring. This is already in the nature of its design: rings stand for infinity and for promise. They have no beginning and no end in their circular band shape. After all, love has always been said to be infinite. While in antiquity the engagement band was often still forged from silver, in the 19th century at the latest, people began to create the finest pieces of gold, with diamonds and other precious gemstones. In the Victorian epoch very elaborate and intricate engagement rings were already created. Art nouveau, as a very harmonious transitional period to the all-changing Art Déco, was also turned towards natural type motifs in engagement rings. But everything changed when, even before 1920, Tiffany in New York added an unprecedented standard to the world of engagement ring jewelry with the introduction of the diamond solitaire. The key criteria in the end was the carat number. From then on at the latest, in our expert opinion Art Déco produced the most splendid and timelessly beautiful engagement ring styles ever sold.

Choose the perfect type of engagement ring to create a personalized proposal

We can confidently say that the styles of our antique and vintage engagement rings in our Berlin store and our online shop will satisfy every demand and taste.

Let’s list some of the most special facts about our jewelry range:

  • Engagement rings of all epochs, e.g. Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Déco and Vintage
  • Variations of all precious metals, e.g. yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum or sterling silver
  • Gold alloys from 9 carat (375 gold), over 14ct (585 gold) to 18 ct (750 gold), partly with variations throughout the epochs
  • Impressively set diamonds and brilliants in various sizes (carat), e.g. classic setting of solitary stones from 0.15 ct, 0.2 ct, 0.25 ct, 0.5 ct to well over 1.0 ct diamonds
  • Besides diamond engagement rings of course we also offer rings with colored gemstones – such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies
  • Unusual and special designs and styles, depending on the style of an epoch, e.g. snakes or horseshoe / lucky symbols

Whichever ring you choose – we are there for you with all our competence and care about your customer journey. We have organized our online shop via an easy to use and very helpful filter system. You can sort the engagement rings by epochs, by materials, by gemstones and by price. Our unretouched original pictures of the jewellery pieces also give you a meaningful impression of the condition of the antique rings. So you can also enjoy security in this aspect when buying your antique engagement ring online.

Unique engagement rings for your loved one

To help you find the ideal unique engagement ring with the perfect color of metal, gemstone, stone shape, setting and style for your partner, please take advantage of our expert advice. We want you to make a purchase you will look back to with love for many years. We can tell a lot about the epochs and their typical style and jewellery. Learn with us! Even if you have no previous knowledge, we will help you select the best ring for your special and personalized day. Whether yellow gold, sterling silver, white gold or rose gold: Whatever color metal you prefer we promise we will find the right ring you – we guarantee.

Custom ring size and engraving service

Our customer service will make you entirely happy! Almost all of our engagement rings or wedding rings can be ‘tailored’: choose the correct custom ring width or size. The first ring size change is free of charge. Engraving the ring with a personalized message or date is also possible! Just let us know your wishes. It is really easy and absolutely risk-free to select and buy jewellery online at Antique Jewellery Berlin, as we offer free shipping worldwide!

Engagement rings for women: how the designs changed over time

Depending on technical progress, the goldsmiths and jewellers of past eras produced more or less elaborate engagement rings for women. The design was, of course, mostly based on the existing state of development. And the taste and type of style of each era was also based on the existing possibilities. Silver and gold (yellow gold) were the common precious metals, which could be processed well for centuries and were therefore used. Considering their attractiveness and relevance even today, one can speak of real visionaries among jewellery designers of the past. Putting precious stones on the rings is also a centuries-old custom.

Classic diamond engagement rings

The ‘color-less’ diamond has established itself very early as the classic evergreen of gemstones. A diamond engagement ring for example a solitaire or a diamond ring with several ct of diamonds always causes widespread admiration. Although it has always been the hardest of all stones, the world had to wait until the 20th century for the perfect cut / shape.

The incomparable brilliant in the "Tolkowsky cut" conquered the world and hearts by storm from 1919 on. Never before had a gemstone sparkled so much, both in the white gold and platinum settings of antique solitaire rings and in the eyes of the adored. But also in older jewellery there were already breathtaking "fires" in cut gemstones to admire. Whether diamonds (brilliants), rubies, sapphires or emeralds and others – you simply have to learn about the magical sparkle of antique engagement rings by experiencing their beauty in real life. This is what our store is made for and what we care about deeply – come by our store and purchase your engagement ring in Berlin or comfortably and securely in purchase it in our online shop.

International celebrities from the aristocracy or from the show business pushed trends with engagement rings time again and again. As is generally the case with jewellery, rings are also subject to typical changes in style and form. With ‘form’ mostly only the ring head is meant. With very old rings, e.g. from the Georgian epoch, we can still offer large and lavishly richly decorated pieces. In the Victorian era this changed already very much. Victorian diamond engagement rings, for example, still have mostly closed settings, but the improvements in the cut already put the forerunners of the brilliant cut in an excellent light.

The ideal setting for a bright & white shine

In the 19th century diamonds were made to shine bright and shining white: Diamonds were set on yellow gold rings and rose gold rings in silver settings. The silver settings ensure that the light hitting the metal ring through the stone does not reflect back from the yellow gold or rose gold and distorts the natural whiteness of the diamonds. After the turn of the century, in the burgeoning Art Nouveau period, it was then possible to set stones in platinum. The effect was the same, only there was no longer any need to deal with the "tarnishing" silver. White gold rings meet the same criteria.

Engagement bands with colored gemstones

Colored gemstones, on the other hand, were probably subject to the greatest fluctuations in antique engagement rings. In addition to the ever popular emeralds, sapphires and rubies, other colored gemstones also emerged from the shadow of these classic “big ones" in the 20th century.

While one speaks of individuality, and if one wants to give something unique as an engagement gift, then one should also take a closer look at these popular colored gemstones:

  • Aquamarine, light blue lucky stone of the month March, its popularity rose strongly in Edwardian England
  • Peridot, light green bringer of joy for those born in August, its great breakthrough finally succeeded in Art Deco
  • Tourmaline, which is one of the most extraordinary gemstones because of its multi-coloured variations, has been used in engagement rings at least since Art Nouveau

In fact, every gemstone can be assigned at least one positive characteristic. It is not for nothing that there are the so-called lucky stones, which also play an important role at Antique Jewellery Berlin. Whoever has found love is interested in his or her partner. This also includes looking at which color or lucky stone / birthstone, if any, has a high importance for the beloved one. Of course antique diamond rings are made with real diamonds, non are lab grown.

How Art Déco still shapes jewellery design today

In the most important jewellery epoch of all, Art Déco, a modern, revolutionary design language and highly developed technologies came together. The creative and numerical peak in the output of engagement rings was unprecedented to date.

This was due on the one hand to new markets and greater competition, and on the other hand to the significantly increased prosperity of the world population. Purchasing power had exploded, especially in Western Europe and the United States. This marriage of business, the arts and social life was of course also expressed in jewellery. Not only did it lead to a new awareness of value and creative finesse. Rather, one must admit that between 1920 and 1940, Art Deco developed a taste that is still valid today and which continues to guide jewellery shape and design to this day. It is therefore not surprising that a vintage engagement ring (from the period from 1950 to around 1990) can often at first glance be classified as Art Déco. This should not really come as a surprise. We are even thrilled by the respect that was paid to Art Deco in the first decades after the Second World War. It's all in the mix: our antique engagement rings and genuine vintage engagement rings from a total of two centuries are refined, unique and have history. An individual story that is worth writing about.

Consulting and service of the highest quality

Do you have questions about materials, gemstones, classic cuts and differences typical of the epoch? Or are you interested in mens’s rings or in exploring our wedding ring rangeProfit from our many years of experience in "making you happy". Behind all of this, there is of course passion. Pure passion for happiness and love! We stand for the best advice, well-founded expertise and last but not least for a good knowledge of human nature. Our three renowned master goldsmiths ensure technical perfection.

You will enjoy:

  • free and insured premium shipping by the world's best shipping service providers
  • all common payment options in the online shop and in our store
  • one-time free adjustment of the ring width (ring size) by our master goldsmiths
  • un-retouched, completely true to the original photos
  • comprehensive advice on any kind of antique jewellery: Simply use our chat service or fill out our contact form. We speak German, English and Arabic.

We are looking forward to your visit during the opening hours in our shop in Linienstr. 44 in 10119 Berlin-Mitte Germany. Of course you can also contact us by phone or email. We are looking forward to your inquiry! It has never been easier and safer to order high-quality antique engagement rings or wedding rings on the internet!

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