Buy stylish antique men's rings


Buy stylish antique men's rings

The men's ring is the most popular piece of jewelry for men. It is this kind of jewellery that men can identify with. Mainly because it is jewellery that has practical or symbolic qualities in addition to decorative ones. Already centuries ago, relatively wide and massive rings were forged from sterling silver and gold for rulers and the powerful upper class. Mostly the ring head was decorated with an engraving of the family coat of arms. The classic signet ring was actually used to seal documents. Over the centuries, the designs changed less, but the practical use of men's rings did. Buying antique men's rings is style-conscious - enjoy a very large selection online at Antique Jewellery Berlin!

Men's rings - a noble tradition

From the signet rings with engraving directly in sterling silver or gold to brilliantly polished wedding rings for men, there are indeed worlds apart. Or shall we say: ...eras. Surely there were silver rings for sailors, conquerors and leaders a thousand years ago. Wide forged for strong hands, engraved with special signs or ritual motifs. But these are exclusively museum pieces that provide highly interesting historical information about a life far before our modern civilization. We rather associate with jewellery for men the ancient signet ring, which was a status symbol in higher circles for centuries. A practical instrument in addition. Because the engraving, for example of the city or family coat of arms, was of great importance on the ring head. The stamp was pressed in soft wax and used to seal letters and important documents. To own and use a signet ring was always a sign of power and social influence. The size of the ring played a secondary role. There were and are ancient signet rings for ring fingers as well as for little fingers. To wear the ring on the little finger is quite common for men - even today! Unless the signet ring is also the man's wedding ring. In our shop we have already discussed this with many customers: In fact, signet rings for men are also perfectly suitable as wedding rings! In our assortment you will find smooth signet rings made of at least 9 carat gold, ideally 15 or 18 carat gold. Either with a polished gold plate or with stone inlay. The most common stones for antique signet rings are translucent materials like carnelian or chalcedony. Also very popular are the opaque stones like the blue lapis lazuli and the red speckled blood jasper. Whether with or without engraving, because not every family has a coat of arms nowadays, it is an impressive piece of jewellery for the self-confident man!

These antique men's rings are especially popular with us. The great symbolism that often resonates with rings for men is one of the best examples of the expressiveness that is inherent in antique jewellery. Experience the difference and discover with us:

  • Victorian men's rings in 18 carat or 15 carat gold, with elaborate engraving directly in the metal or polished to a shine,
  • Seal rings with carnelian, chalcedony, lapis lazuli and jasper, perfectly set in 9 carat or 15 carat gold, from late Victorian, through Art Deco to the Vintage period,
  • Much simpler designed rings for the little finger made of 925 silver, matt worked or shiny polished, mostly from the Art Deco of England and France,
  • Men's rings with symbols, signs or very individual designs, often vintage.

Men's rings made of gold and silver for every taste

Most antique men's rings withstand classic masculine demands. They are solid forged and at least 4 mm wide. The width can be up to 7 mm, depending on the finger on which the ring is worn or the stature of the wearer. Because it must fit in proportion. This is no different with antique men's jewellery than with antique women's jewellery. Often a short look of the man is enough to recognize his perfect ring immediately. It is still the evolutionary signs of decisiveness and assertiveness that are in him.

Of course, men today are much more than that - we know that very well. The responsibilities of men are a little less in conquering continents than in managing a modern family. Protecting the family has probably always been, through all the ages, the main task of men. We are thrilled by the loving care with which family fathers today conquer the hearts of their loved ones. Therefore, for many men, an antique wedding ring is the type of jewellery with which they are most likely to come into contact. The antique wedding rings for men are rarely made of sterling silver. There was such a thing - but gold is much more suitable for wedding rings because of its corrosive and visual properties! Here, the man in our house must know what he wants anyway. A simple wedding ring, polished to shine or worked matt, is a ring suitable for everyday use with a perfect gesture. Many couples, however, want wedding rings with engraving. For us this is very understandable, because the designs of a handmade engraving are always a sign of absolute individuality!

The Victorian men's rings, which are about 6 mm to 7 mm wide and harmoniously engraved all around, stand out immediately from our range. They are the most individual wedding rings in the field of men's jewellery - a clear statement of exceptionally good taste! The ring size can usually be easily adjusted. Only very few models cannot be adjusted due to special designs, such as individually engraved written messages or bicolor work.

Individuality, personality & history

Whether matt, with handmade engraving or with a wonderful shine: antique men's rings can do a lot and say a lot about the personality of their wearer. True greatness is, of course, possessed by those who recognize the fascination of the old and continue to write history. To buy antique men's rings means to know what is important in life. Consistency, loyalty, honesty and (yes, dear men) also love.

The following aspects will help you make the right decision when buying your new antique men's ring:

  • Antique men's rings often also serve as wedding rings, from 9 carat to 22 carat gold, each with the typical characteristics of the jewellery era,
  • Possible surface finishes are shiny, matt or engraved: with signs, symbols or motifs of fantasy,
  • Many designers of the vintage era created impressive rings for men, masculine designs were, are and will remain in great demand.

From man to man: Perfect service is a matter of course for us!

Let us advise you on our rings and find your perfect piece of jewellery. We are available for all questions and want to convince you with our services. If you buy antique men's rings at Antique Jewellery Berlin, you will enjoy these benefits:

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  • Serious, worldwide established payment methods in the online shop and in our store,
  • On request, modifications and reworking by our three master goldsmiths are possible,
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Of course you can also contact us by e-mail or telephone. Do not be afraid to contact us. No matter whether you buy antique men's rings online or visit us on site in our shop at Linienstr. 44 in 10119 Berlin-Mitte - competent service including secure purchase transaction is our standard!