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Agates appear worldwide with different characteristics. These stones are a variety of the mineral 'quartz' and in their multi colourfulness not to be beaten. Apart from cobalt blue, magenta, purple and pink agates can be found in every colour and natural splendour. An agate is always striped, because it 'matures' in layers and originates subsequently of chemical reactions in hollow cavities of volcanic rocks or fossils. Important for antique jewellery are variations of agate such as, for example, onyx, sardonyx (layered stone), carnelian and chalzedon (chalcedony). The biggest attention was given these miraculous materials in the history of old jewellery in Victorian Scotland. Under the term ‚Pebbles jewellery‘, colourful and relatively heavy pieces of jewellery originated in the Victorian epoch. For this, multiple variations of the natural stone were often harmoniously combined with each other. Especially set in silver, agate jewellery shines with great show value. Agates are cut in forms, are polished and then worn as a bracelet, necklace or brooch. The earthed Pebbles jewellery from Scotland of the 19th century fascinates with rough beauty and incomparable richness of detail. To discover antique agate jewellery is a great joy and to wear it attests to deep closeness to nature. Click to fold