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Art Nouveau, or "new art", was a revolutionary art historical epoch that emerged throughout Europe in the last years of the 19th century, but had its clear origins in the "City of Love", Paris. The birthplace of the term, and not only of this, was Siegfried Bing's shop "Maison de l'Art Nouveau" in the French capital. Apart from manifold expressions throughout Europe, including the English "Arts + Crafts" movement, the innovative realisation of the visions of Art Nouveau took place in France. The result was Art Nouveau jewellery of incomparable harmony. Always taking nature as their model, the jewellery designers reached for the stars in a completely new way. Dive into the world of Art Nouveau in our shop - buy Art Nouveau jewellery online at Antique Jewellery Berlin.

Art Nouveau Jewellery: Characteristics of the Visionary Artistic Era

The first jewellery made of 925 silver and bronze statues were already pointing in the direction of "new arts" before 1900. As every new epoch could/can basically be described in this way, the name was adopted here in a holistic sense. It was a revolutionary departure from the previously used, historically handed down form models of historicism. Decorative curved lines and extensive floral ornaments largely replaced the previously symmetrical formal thinking. The creators of this style built bridges from history and traditions to the present and future under the completely new aspect of functionality and a "clean flow" with clear lines.

The new art was quite controversial and excited and provoked people in equal measure. Clearly comprehensible erotic components are by no means to be dismissed in the works. References to the female body and its deep admiration were indisputably the godfathers of the supple and flattering lines and curves of the era. In particular, an Art Nouveau necklace, brooch or necklace with a medallion is associated with correspondingly epochal jewellery. It didn't always have to be sprawlingly large - the focus was on the details. Sweeping is probably the most appropriate short description for Art Nouveau jewellery. Actually, you don't get stuck anywhere, everything is in flow, you are on a journey through very peaceful waters.

For the first time in art history, the creators' gaze was clearly directed forward and had recognised the young 20th century for what it was, or what it would become. And that century was saturated with curiosity, discovery and new revolutionary insights. Darwinian species and evolutionary teachings, flowing water, the cycles of human and animal life, in short: the course of things in all its facets, were captured and immortalised as an expression of progress in the jewellery of Art Nouveau.

Discover antique jewellery from the Art Nouveau period online in our shop:

What designs and pieces of jewellery can you find in our shop's assortment ? Soft shapes and gemstone cabochons, pearls and elaborate enamelling still bear witness to the jewellers' visions. Warm and natural colours such as browns, purples, "sages" and mustard tones were masterfully manifested in enamel, set with stones or given expression in hand-carved horn jewellery. Horn, coral and pearl were celebrated as organic materials. Monuments to them were set in gold and silver. Although Art Nouveau earrings and necklaces were also richly set with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and the like, designers took the liberty of simply doing things differently. 92 5 silver was often good enough to serve as the basic material for highly filigree pendants and necklaces. The art of enamelling was widespread, as was the art of carving. Shapes, colours, materials and endless inspirations were seen as a great gift from nature. Discover unique antique jewellery from the Art Nouveau period in our shop:

  • Necklaces in 9 carat to 18 carat gold, set with pearls, coral, moonstones and gemstones,
  • Earrings and studs with garnet, opal and pearl, silver gold plated depending on the origin,
  • Original horn jewellery from the workshops of the French visionaries Lalique, Pierre and Bonté,
  • Silver jewellery with enamel decoration → including necklaces, bracelets and brooches, often from the English Arts+Crafts movement,
  • Signet rings for men as well as for ladies in silver and gold, partly with stones, engravings and intaglios,
  • Men's jewellery made of 92 5 silver, such as cufflinks, tie pins or rings.

By the way, antique art nouveau jewellery is perfect as a gift! You give away timeless jewellery art of the highest quality, which is far superior to any younger vintage style. Antique originals remain originals! In this respect, we offer you the unique opportunity to purchase genuine Art Nouveau jewellery. Always with a certificate and comprehensive advice. The pieces of jewellery will provide the enthusiasm by themselves - you will experience it. The best thing is: buying Art Nouveau jewellery online at Antique Jewellery Berlin is a safe pleasure!

Stylish Art Nouveau Rings with Sweeps & Details

The design of rings in Art Nouveau was quite extravagant. Often the ring heads are quite large and somewhat playful. One immediately recognises: there is an abundance of details on them, which as a whole result in a consummate work of art. Rarely are the rings restrained - mostly just the opposite! One can easily recognise the formal language of Art Nouveau jewellery in its rings as well. Like blossoms with their perfect shapes, Art Nouveau rings inspire with their natural design. Sometimes precious stones have been cut into drops and integrated into ring heads as unique eye-catchers. Picking up on this magic and choosing an Art Nouveau ring as an engagement ring is an excellent idea. We think so: Art Nouveau engagement rings are a beautiful declaration of love - to your partner and for your life together.

Art Nouveau Brooches, Earrings, Necklaces & Colliers

In addition to enchanting rings from this iconic era, you can find them in our shop:

  • Art Nouveau Earrings
  • Art Nouveau Chains & Necklaces
  • Art Nouveau brooches

The widest field of antiqueArt Nouveau jewellery is formed by necklaces and brooches. Art Nouveau necklaces in particular delight our customers time and again!

In German jewellery workshops, Art Nouveau earrings and necklaces were often only gold-plated and set with turquoise, pearls and moonstones. In the English workshops, they worked primarily with 925 silver and enamels. The necklaces and chokers of the Arts+Crafts movement there still take your breath away today. Exuberantly fine patterns of silver and brightly coloured enamel designs truly show courage and passion! Antique jewellery like this is perfect as a gift for yourself and for people who love detail. In France, meanwhile, almost everything was available. With very noble diamond-studded creations, they reached for the stars and plucked them from the sky for stunningly harmonious jewellery. The French also broke new ground with brooches. For the first time, goldsmiths used curved lines in gold as well as in silver to form the silhouettes of elegant women or even prominent artists of the time. What the vintage style often copies today originates in Art Nouveau jewellery. One of the first stars to be adored in this way was the French actress Sarah Bernhardt.

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