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Art Nouveau - 1897 until about 1920

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Art nouveau, or the 'new art' is a revolutionary art-historical epoch which arose during the last years of the 19th century throughout Europe, but had its unequivocal origin, nevertheless, in the 'city of love', Paris. Birthplace of the term and not only of that, was the store 'Maison de l'Art Nouveau' of Siegfried Bing in the French metropolis. Apart from the most diverse varieties throughout Europe, among them the 'Arts + Crafts' movement in England, the innovative implementation of visions of Art nouveau took place in France.

It was the revolutionary departure from the shape models of historicism previously used, because of historically traditional shape models of historicism. Decorative curved lines and dimensional floral ornaments replaced the always-symmetrical shape. The creators of this style built bridges of history and traditions to the present and future under the absolutely new point of view of functionality and a ‚clean flow‘ with clear lines. The ’new art‘ was absolutely controversial and has equally inspired the people, as it has provoked them. Clearly understandable erotic components are indisputable at all in the works. References to the female body and its deep admiration were the undisputed godfather for smooth and flattering lines and curves of the era. The first time in art history the creators were focused clearly forward and had recognised the young 20th century as what it was, or what it would become.

And that was influenced by curiosity, discoveries and new evolutionary recognitions. Darwinian theories of evolution and species, fluent water, cycles of the life of human beings and animals, briefly: the course of things in all facets was caught and perpetuated in gold as an expression of progress. Smooth shapes and gemstone cabochons, pearls as well as brilliantly filigree enamellings still bear witness to the visions of the jewellers. Warm and nature-loving colours like brown, purple, ’sages‘ and ‚mustard tones” were manifested highly brilliantly in enamel, set as stones or brought to expression by hand-carved horn-rimmed jewellery. What else? The entrances to the Paris Metro stations are probably to be considered as the most impressive, architectural monuments of the Art nouveau. Going through them, we pass not only stone and steel. You move from one century to the next. Similarly delighted is the architecture expert only by the comprehensive and unique visionary creations of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona. If one dresses up with a necklace of Modernisme / of the art nouveau, it’s as if you put on the robe of the builder of the Sagrada family.
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