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Vintage Jewellery - after 1950

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Our offer categorized in vintage jewellery is no new jewellery. To clarify this is very important to us, because the expression vintage jewellery is extremely overused in the today's usage as well as it is often misapplied. In the strict sense, and therefore completely in our art-historical sense, it is defined as the strict orientation towards old jeweller's arts. Unlike than, for example, in furniture, it doesn’t mean working off or restoring old pieces, but after 1960 the creation of jewellery with unequivocal style orientation towards the past epochs.

We consider the accordingly most successful works of the 1960s and 1970s as real vintage jewellery. Though striving for style authenticity is no basic quality characteristic, but is taken very seriously by real experts of the jewellery craft as well as by ambitious jewellers, however. Vintage jewellery has of course own ambitions, nevertheless, is focused basically just on antique models. To divide vintage jewellery into temporal segments and sub-groups though would be basically possible, however, should not be executed here. Analogously to the raving development of the social, political and art-scooping world history of the 20th century manifold preferences for shapes, materials and colours have come and gone in past decades. Unlike the general desire for technological progress, strive genuine jewellery lovers for harmony and deceleration. The skills of the jewellers of antique epochs are recognized as a worth preserving and timeless art.
The longing for a time which estimates ‚real‘ values of human interaction and respect for nature and life is often reflected in the art of the vintage jewellery. To find deceleration of life by wearing and feeling jewellery, has become a valuable asset in the new and fast-moving time. Again and again we encounter glittering and sparkling items of younger jewellery in breathtaking design and processing qualities. To acquire these pieces and to preserve them makes us as a trader as happy as you as customers. We have wonderful pieces in our repertoire. The pieces offered by us correspond to the highest production of art and are only of the noblest, real materials. Just as the antique jewellery may be called unique such is our vintage jewellery. We guarantee for the authenticity and stylistic sophistication of every piece!
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