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Our range categorised as vintage jewellery is not new jewellery. It is very important to us to make this clear because the term vintage jewellery is both extremely overused and often misused in today's linguistic usage. In its true sense, and thus entirely in our art-historical sense, it is understood to mean the consistent orientation towards old jeweller's art. This does not mean, unlike furniture for example, the refurbishing or restoration of old pieces, but rather the creation of jewellery after 1960 with a clear stylistic orientation towards past epochs. We consider the most successful pieces of the 1960s and 1970s to be genuine vintage jewellery.

What does "vintage" mean in the context of jewellery?

What does vintage actually mean? Originally, the word vintage was used in connection with wine. The term described a good wine that was particularly exquisite and had a particularly good vintage. That's when you realise: exclusivity and the past play together. Vintage jewellery also combines these characteristics.

Often the terms antique jewellery and vintage jewellery are often used synonymously, but we will now change that.

Old jewellery is basically any jewellery from our assortment. This includes pieces of jewellery from three centuries, which without exception were already worn with pride, the oldest of which date back to 1750. As sub-categories of this comprehensive designation of old jewellery, you will find antique jewellery on the one hand: antique objects are things that are usually older than 100 years. From today's point of view, such so-called antiques thus date from the time of Art Nouveau around 1900, the time of Classicism, the Baroque, the Renaissance or even antiquity (800 B.C. to 600 A.D.). It can be any kind of object that was created by human hand - thus also antique jewellery.

So what does vintage jewellery mean? This term covers old jewellery from the time after 1950, which is clearly based on antique jewellery eras.

The striving for authenticity of style is not a fundamental quality feature, but it is taken very seriously by true connoisseurs of jewellery craftsmanship and ambitious jewellers. Vintage jewellery naturally has its own ambitions, but is essentially based on antique models.

The vintage pieces we offer are of the highest craftsmanship and are made of only the finest, genuine materials. We only label vintage jewellery as such in our online shop and in our retail shop if it can withstand the expert quality characteristics. Each of our jewellery pieces is a masterful one-of-a-kind, is demonstrably genuine and is in an above-average state of preservation.

Just like antique jewellery, our vintage jewellery can be described as unique. We guarantee the authenticity and stylistic sophistication of each piece!

We expressly distance ourselves from jewellery in the vintage look, which is modelled on or dedicated to earlier vintage jewellery (of more or less high quality).

Made from 1950 onwards?

There are generally no fixed rules for valuing jewellery from 1950 onwards. Many jewellers do this at their own discretion, because with every decade that passes, the past recedes further into the distance and the view of history is always shaped by contemporary experience.

We try to stand out as a jewellery dealer with the authenticity of our pieces, because all the jewellery you get from us is checked and we can guarantee its authenticity. A firm rule for antique jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin is that it is at least 50 years old.

  • Antique jewellery is therefore by definition not at least 100 years old, as is usually the case for other types of antiques.
  • Although it would be possible from a chronological point of view, jewellery from the 1950s is not called antique jewellery by us. We count old jewellery from the post-war period as vintage.
  • By this we mean - and this is extremely important to us - genuine vintage jewellery from the 1950s to the early 80s.

The outstandingly stylish vintage jewellery pieces were inspired by earlier jewellery eras, as described. But what were the design models?

Orientation towards past eras: Models of vintage jewellery

Analogous to the rapid development of the social, political and art-creating world history of the 20th century, manifold preferences for shapes, materials and colours have come and gone in the past decades. Unlike the general desire for technical progress, true jewellery lovers strive for harmony and deceleration. The skills of jewellers of ancient eras are recognised as art worth preserving and timeless. This longing for a time that values "real" values of human interaction and respect for nature and life is often reflected in the art of vintage jewellery.

We would also like to mention the quality of vintage jewellery. It is in no way inferior to antique models, neither in quality nor in the sophistication of its design and manufacture! Sometimes, after the 1950s, the goldsmiths even produced pieces that met higher standards or set new standards due to the technical improvements in jewellery production. This probably sounds unbelievable, but goldsmiths had completely new possibilities and were thus able to develop creatively much better.

Of course, the jewellery is "old" in today's sense, but vintageschmuck rather means jewellery that was oriented as closely as possible to a bygone era.

The jewellery had to be eye-catching and should be beautiful - especially brooches were a common piece of jewellery. Besides the diverse use of ornaments or plant-inspired shapes, the golden 20s were a popular model.

Wearing vintage: jewellery with a sustainable future

Experiencing a deceleration of life through wearing and feeling jewellery has become a rare commodity in the new and fast-moving times.

Probably no one disputes that second-hand jewellery is a more sustainable alternative to buying new. Because second-hand jewellery is already in the cycle of recyclable materials and by buying something second-hand, no new resources are needed for its production. In addition, buying vintage jewellery is of long-lasting value thanks to the exclusive design and high-quality materials. With vintage jewellery, we have the advantage that the jewellery has already been made and we don't have to worry about people or materials being exploited for its production in the 21st century. In addition, with second-hand jewellery you buy a piece of contemporary history and can thus feel the historical greatness of humanity every day in the here and now. The fascinating thing about vintage jewellery is that you can pass it on and it stays in the family or is dedicated to loved ones. It's as if you are passing on and extending the family history - it's a beautiful idea.

Your interest in jewellery from bygone eras pleases both us and the environment: for our old jewellery is also sustainable jewellery. Travel with us through the past in a resource-saving way and find individual, unique treasures!

Rings, cufflinks, brooches and more

You can buy vintage jewellery from us in a wide variety of categories:

Our assortment is extremely diverse and therefore everyone can find something suitable. Are you looking for a classic brooch that was typical of the 50s? A beautiful extravagant ring? We have everything in our assortment.

We live in an age where we are purposefully consuming more consciously. We've already discussed that vintage jewellery is not only unique and beautiful, but also sustainable, but what unforgettable personal ideas can it inspire? You could buy a unique engagement ring from the 50s and surprise your future husband / wife with it to great effect. Or would you prefer engraved vintage cufflinks for your husband on his wedding day? Think about it - anyone can do simple, but only a few can do unique.

Premium shop for vintage jewellery: Online and in Berlin

Time and again, we also come across glittering and sparkling examples of recent jewellery in breathtaking designs and workmanship. Acquiring and preserving these pieces makes us as dealers just as happy as you as customers. Antique Jewellery offers a wide range of beautiful vintage jewellery in our online shop:

Our range includes engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, men's rings, cufflinks, lockets, brooches, rings and unusual pieces of jewellery. Each piece of jewellery convinces with individuality. Find the right piece of jewellery that will always accompany you.

When you buy antique jewellery online from Antique Jewellery, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Worldwide free and insured shipping only through the best shipping service providers, each with the best regional expertise,
  • We offer all established payment options in the online shop and in our shop,
  • Modifications and reworking by our three master goldsmiths are possible on request,
  • Original, not embellished product photos,
  • Comprehensive advice in the field of antique jewellery in German, English and Arabic: Please feel free to use our contact form for this purpose or use our chat service.

Whether you buy exclusive vintage jewellery on site in our shop (Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin-Mitte) or online: You can always rely on our expert service and secure checkout.

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