Every Item an Original


We guarantee the genuineness of every single piece of jewellery! Every item is an original! The age and the origin can be determined very specifically on the basis of stamps and hallmarks, as well as specific methods of the production and material processing. We acquire our real antique jewellery on many fairs and exhibitions, as well as with leading auctioneers throughout Europe. All traders supplying us are also certified jewellery experts. Only a few pieces, which were produced after the 1970s, find the way in our assortment. So these fulfil our high standards concerning manufacturing quality and material processing. Whether antique or vintage – each of our pieces of jewellery is guaranteed a unique specimen!

We are a member of different art dealer associations, because we are exceptionally proud of our business and we take our art historical responsibility very seriously. The esteem, value preservation and their passing on to the next generations is our passion! You will certainly find with us the missing piece for your collection. Welcome!

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