Photos Without Manipulations


The photos and displays of the pieces of jewellery in our online shop are not retouched. We would like to convey to our customers realistic impressions of the colours of the materials and the condition of the articles and, hence, set highest priority in the authenticity of the displays. By the partly considerable enlargement of the pieces by means of macro photography, the finest signs of usage become visible, which cannot be seen by the naked eye as a rule. The real perceived, harmonious impression deviates from the analytic precision of the photography basically to the positive!

As jewellery exclusively is concerned  with our offer,  which is at least some decades old and was already carried without exception, appropriate signs of usage are unavoidable. Our customers are always amazed, when they see with their own eyes, how perfectly itself the condition remained partly through centuries, world wars and the entire change of the time and the world.

Continue the fascination!