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Almost no other gemstone has such a long and highly estimated culture in Asia, Europe, as well as Central America and South America like the jade. The jade are 2 minerals actually, namely the jadeit and nephrite. As their differentiation is very difficult, however, the general term jade is used. It is and was recognised as a royal gemstone and was ritually admired in China already millenniums ago. Jade was processed to mystic figures and symbols. In the Chinese area, there was and still is the highly appreciated jade cutting and carving, considered as high art.

This opaque, thus, lightproof stone has an extremely tough structure. It is known, furthermore, as ‚loin-stone”, because it was said to have curative forces against kidney problems in ancient times. Jade is suited exceptionally well as a jewellery stone due to its good carvability! On the one hand its most often appearing colour is green, which creates harmonious feelings as a sign of peace and satisfaction in antique jewellery. On the other hand, there are its haptic impressions from silky-soft, which make it pleasant to wear and skin smoothing.
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