Jade jewellery - stone of superlatives

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Jade has been popular for thousands of years. Among the Mayans, this stone was even more coveted than gold. Hardly any other gemstone has experienced such a long and highly revered culture in Asia, Europe and Central and South America as jade. The term jade is anything but self-explanatory and actually jade is made up of several stones, all of which, however, are ideally suited for jade jewellery. The term "jade" comes from the Spanish term "Piedra de Ijada" and stands for loin stone. The indigenous people of South America attributed healing powers to this stone against loin or kidney ailments and the Spanish conquerors took note of it. With the colonisation of Central America by Spain, jade also found its way into western jewellery culture. In the 60s and 70s, this "philosopher's stone" was a popular, esoterically inclined piece of jewellery in hippie culture. The significance of jade is undisputed - whether as a fashion accessory as a gemstone or because of its attributed healing properties. Jade is altogether a generic term for two different gemstones: jadeite and nephrite. The distinction between jadeite and nephrite often proves difficult, which is why the generic term jade is often used. Our jewellery experts at Antique Jewellery Berlin can advise you on the special features of jade.

The royal gemstone jade: meaning & history

Jade was and is considered a royal gemstone and received cultic veneration especially in China thousands of years ago. Jade was processed into mystical figures and symbols. For this purpose, jade cutting and carving, which is considered a high art, existed and still exists in China. This opaque stone has a particularly tough structure. Jade is extraordinarily suitable as a gemstone due to its good carvability and is thus a gemstone that has it all, or rather: a stone of superlatives! Jade is most often found in the colour green, which is known to evoke harmonious feelings as a sign of peace and contentment in antique jewellery. This stone is a cross-cultural timeless eye-catcher and fascinating vintage jewellery is always a special gift.

Jewellery with Jade Stone: Jadeite and Nephrite

Jade is a collective term under which various minerals fall, including in particular jadeite and nephrite. When talking about jade in gemstones, jadeite is often meant. However, there are various types of jade rock:

  • green black chloromelanite (consisting of jadeite, diopside and aegirine)
  • light to dark green mottled jade albite (consisting of albite and jadeite)
  • Gold-plated magnetite jade

The colour diversity of Jade

Jade jewellery comes in many colours and shapes. Jade usually encompasses the entire colour palette of green tones, but white or colourless varieties can also be found. The most sought-after is emerald green jade. However, there are brown, yellow or even violet jade varieties. White jade is particularly popular in Chinese and Indian culture. The most popular jade jewellery is the so-called imperial jade.

The speciality of jade jewellery

In addition to the colouring, the shape of jade should also be emphasised: Jade is often characterised by a special grain such as small veins, stripes or even spots, which make this unique gemstone particularly valuable on the one hand, but also particularly demanding in terms of cutting. Jade is often processed into beads or drops. However, fine carved jade sculptures are also remarkable. Jade can be combined particularly beautifully with a setting of gold or silver. The stone is considered particularly unbreakable, so that it can also be cut alone into a bracelet or ring. Green jade drops are often found as pendants on a necklace or as earrings and thus look particularly noble. You can choose an antique gold or silver ring for ladies if you would like to order an engagement ring and make an extraordinary proposal to your chosen one.

Go Green: Buy jewellery with green jade

"I only let water and... jade touch my skin! " - Anyone who has ever worn jade jewellery will be able to relate to the silky-soft feeling on the skin. Those who wear jade jewellery on their bodies find it pleasant to wear and particularly flattering to the skin. Whether as a necklace, ring or earrings - be inspired by its beauty: discover the inspiring variety of our selection of gemstone jewellery or birthstone jewellery. Jade makes a special gift, not least as a birthstone. The unique pieces of jewellery made of jade stone and other antique jewellery can be found in our online shop and in our retail shop in Berlin.

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