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In the opaque lapis lazuli several minerals are always combined. The rock consists primarily of lasurit. The marvellous blue colouring occurs due to the radical anions of the element sulphur. This determines the value. In antique jewellery and also today, above all deep blue lapis lazuli is mostly desired. The brightest rocks were crucial for the wish to produce artificial ultramarine blue. The lapis lazuli as desired gem stone is famous for this yearning colour characteristic make the lapis lazuli always as a popular gem stone.

Already since about 7,000 years it has been used in antique jewellery. A sensational lapis lazuli art in the Roman church ‚Il Gesù‘ can be marvelled. There the altar the Saint Ignatius-chapel is decorated with lapis lazuli columns and a lapis blue globe set in gold. Not so far from us, in the Potsdam ‚orangery castle‘, a proper lapis lazuli room with exuberant decorated pieces of furniture and pieces of jewellery originated in the 19th century. Still today, antique jewellery with and from (old) lapis lazuli pleases us above all as a necklace, ring or eye-catcher in cuff links.
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