Do men wear engagement rings?

Do men wear engagement rings?

If we assume the classic case of the man proposing to the woman and conjuring an engagement ring out of his trouser pocket, it seems clear to everyone that the ring is intended for the woman and that the next step is to put it on her finger. But is that always the case? When do men wear engagement rings? This question is legitimate, because there are countries and customs where this proposal scenario is entirely different. The jewellery industry and especially the wedding market are often geared towards women, in the spirit of “happy wife, happy life”, which means that if the wife is happy, so is the husband. Our range of antique jewellery makes no distinction here. We offer jewellery without gender on the agenda and thus also a large selection of engagement rings for men.

An engagement ring for everyone?

Even though a marriage proposal is often planned, there are also spontaneous proposals. Especially then it is a nice ritual to choose the rings together, provided both decide to wear a ring. These rings do not have to be identical, after all we are not marrying our twin, so why should the ring be identical one to one. The same is true for same-sex couples. It is true that there is a tendency to determine which rings are particularly popular with women and which rings men like. In same-sex couples, both usually wear an engagement ring as a sign of togetherness. The option of wearing the engagement ring later together with the wedding ring as a pre-engagement ring is also popular. For gay couples, wide yet simple men’s rings with the same look are often popular. Classics made of gold and platinum as well as carbon or steel are in demand as materials. Lesbian couples tend towards feminine, graceful memoir rings. These are rings set with diamonds that resemble a wreath or crown.

When does the man get an engagement ring?

Who proposes and who gets a ring on their finger for the engagement? Traditionally, it is the man who proposes to the woman, but nowadays it is also the other way round. Influenced by a strong desire for equality, today’s generations increasingly yearn for women to propose and ask for a man’s hand in marriage. In this ‘reverse’ case, what about the engagement ring? Does the man also get a ring at the engagement? It is best for the woman to carefully try to find out in advance whether the man would like to wear a ring, so there are no unwanted surprises at the proposal.

Does the man also have to wear an engagement ring?

Engagement rings are always a sign of commitment and reflect this to the outside world. Does the man have to (want to) wear an engagement ring? We are firmly convinced that everything goes, but nothing has to. If you want to express your love publicly, engagement rings or even couple rings worn by both are suitable. Why stick to old traditions when both partners can and want to wear a ring. It’s time to be more contemporary! Start your own tradition!

There are countries where it is already customary for both partners to wear an engagement ring, such as in Italy, as well as countries where it is completely normal for only the woman to wear an engagement ring, such as in the USA. Which customs and traditions you want to adhere to for your engagement or which you want to let go of is your free decision and thus completely up to you.

What distinguishes the perfect ring?

Engagement rings for women are plentiful, but the range for men is also increasing. Male engagement rings tend to be plain and simple. High-quality men’s rings are often made of gold or platinum. Especially precious metals like white gold and platinum put a diamond in the perfect light. Even though diamonds are a true evergreen tradition for engagement rings, feel free to consider coloured gemstones as well! In the end, individual taste is the deciding factor. If you choose a ring with a stone, it can be set in different ways. Among the most popular engagement rings are the solitaire and the memoire ring or a combination of both. The memoire ring in particular is an excellent choice as a filigree ring for the wedding ring. For a solitaire ring, many people opt for the tried and tested diamond. There are different cuts for engagement rings with gemstones.

  • Asscher
  • Baguette
  • Brilliant
  • Heart
  • Square
  • Cushion
  • Navette
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Emerald
  • Trillion
  • Drop

A ring with a brilliant cut is particularly popular and well-known. This cut is often set 4 or 6 times. If you are wondering which hand is suitable for the engagement ring: in Germany at least, it is usually the ring finger of the left hand. After the wedding, the ring then moves to the right hand and complements or is replaced by the wedding ring.

What do you do with the engagement ring after the wedding?

The engagement ring holds many memories. After the wedding, there are three possibilities for this piece of commemorative jewellery. The engagement ring is worn during the marriage

  • still worn on the left hand,
  • worn as a side ring together with the wedding ring on the right hand, or it can be
  • changes from the left to the right hand and becomes an engagement ring to a wedding ring.

Finding the “right one”: Which engagement rings do men wear?

A careful eye on what jewellery or what kind of ring your partner already likes to wear often pays off when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. A jewellery consultation can help immensely to find the perfect engagement ring, the desired cut or the matching stone. Should it be a ruby, a diamond or a sahir? Basically, it’s like love: where love falls, all is fair. If a man wants to wear an engagement ring, he should do so to express his love for a partner or, of course, his enthusiasm for jewellery in general. We would like to encourage you in the truest sense of the word to “get married” and wish you only the best for your engagement, your wedding and your marriage!

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