Give the girlfriend / boyfriend a ring for Christmas: engagement?

Ring as a christmas present: Engagement yes or no?

Give the girlfriend / boyfriend a ring for Christmas: engagement?

The feast of love is just around the corner and so is the recurring problem: what do I give my loved ones for Christmas? Quite simple: Give a ring for Christmas!

Theodor Fontane writes: “Love lives on endearing trifles. ” A ring is such an endearing little thing that we can carry with us every day, only on special occasions or when we feel like it.

Rings are meaningful and when you give a ring for Christmas, there is an emotional value associated with the ring. You give the ring out of love, attachment, friendship, affection or to turn a committed relationship into an everlasting bond: marriage. For this, first of all, you would need a unique engagement ring …

You can give her sister or mother with a ring a great pleasure, but also for her brother or father can find beautiful rings for men, if you look in the right place. In addition to newly made rings, antique jewellery can also hold suitable for man and woman.

As a gift, rings can have different meanings and when you choose an antique ring as a gift, you are giving a ring that brings its own story. Antique jewellery is unique and impressive. Christmas is the celebration of love and a holiday where we appreciate history. It comes full circle, because how wonderful to gift a ring of historical greatness to someone you love. Plus, rings always have a deeper meaning depending on the stones or embellishment on the ring. However, gifting a ring for Christmas also involves preparations and thorough considerations: What are the tastes of the person receiving the gift? Which ring size? What should the gift say?

For the feast of love (no) engagement ring

Jewelry is the perfect symbolic gift, as it is often given at various milestones in a person’s life.

For example:

  • to graduation,
  • to an engagement,
  • of a wedding,
  • to a birth.

What does it mean to give a ring as a Christmas gift? Friendships are special relationships. The connection to friends is not simply given, as it is to siblings or cousins. A ring given to a friend can symbolize the infinity of friendship, bond and be a token of friendship. It is an expression of sharing life’s beautiful moments with each other as well as helping and being there for each other during difficult times. Giving a ring to family members has a similar meaning, as it symbolizes appreciation for each other and deep connection.

Provided that you give your partner a ring for Christmas, you should consider what you want to express. If it should be a Christmas gift of affection and attachment, a ring is perfect.

It doesn’t have to be an engagement when you give your lady of the heart a ring as a present. Whether birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, there are many opportunities to surprise your partner with a ring. But the purchase of this very special piece of jewelry should be well thought out. If you want to give your partner a ring, you should first be aware of the deep meaning of this piece of jewellery: With its shape – the closed circle – the ring explicitly stands for the love and connection of two people. You should be aware of this significance before you present your beloved with a ring.

But if you think there is no better time to celebrate your engagement than Christmas, the festival of love, then give an engagement ring for Christmas and surprise the love of your life.

In Roman antiquity and the early Middle Ages, the engagement ring symbolized an official acknowledgement of the dowry to the bride-to-be. Traditionally, sapphires adorned the engagement rings. For one meaning of the color blue is fidelity, which was symbolized by the sapphires. Accordingly, how beautiful is antique jewelry if you want a traditional engagement ring? Wonderful!

Gift-giving: how to hand over the gift

But how to make the right proposal at Christmas? Each relationship is individual, there is no right guide, because you know your partner or partner best. Whether you spend the gift-giving romantic Christmas for two or in the family, are factors to consider when proposing by “Christmas gift”.

Whether engaged or not – Here we give some lovely ideas on how you could surprise someone with a ring this Christmas:

  • You can buy a noble pair of gloves and put the ring in the ring finger of the left glove or put it on the ring finger. The surprise is guaranteed and it is original!
  • Tie the ring to tasteful Christmas tree decorations and hang it on another small gift: perfume, chocolates, etc.
  • When you buy an engagement ring, you will receive it in a gift box. You could put this gift box in quite a few larger gift boxes to create confusion – this is a fun form of delivery. Classically getting down on one knee and opening the gift box is of course also beautiful.

Choose the right ring in time for Christmas

Once the preparations are complete, it’s time to find the right model at the antique jewellery dealer. Giving a ring for Christmas always means choosing a perfectly fitting piece of jewellery for the person you are giving it to – and not choosing a model that only you will like in the first place.

You should orientate yourself on the taste of the person wearing the ring: If the person likes to wear extravagant pieces of jewellery, it is also advisable to choose an eye-catching model for the ring. If, on the other hand, the person wears rather plain jewellery or no jewellery at all, you should choose a more discreet model. Our suggestions: For example, a simple platinum ring, a memorial ring for men, a rose gold ring, a diamond ring or a classic engagement ring with sapphire.

Our antique jewelry offers charming rings for women and men’s rings for every occasion – it feels like giving jewelry of kings and queens.

Ring size of the person receiving the gift

You want to give a ring for Christmas and you don’t know the ring size?

To determine the ring size, it is advisable to take measurements on another ring of your beloved – inconspicuously, of course – by placing the ring on a piece of paper and tracing the inner edge of the ring. With this drawing you can then go to the antique jewelry dealer, they will know the appropriate ring size based on the inside diameter. If you are sure that the wearer will not notice, you can also take an existing ring.

Or ask a friend, a family member, if they could ask unobtrusively.

Of course, it is also possible to buy an antique ring without knowing the ring size of the person receiving the gift:

Buy a ring that you think the person receiving the gift will like. After successfully giving the gift, come together with the person receiving the gift to our showroom at Linienstr. 44 in Berlin-Mitte. Here our competent sales staff will determine the ring size of the person receiving the gift. An adjustment of the ring size is free of charge once for our jewellery and is usually done within 24 hours by one of our three master goldsmiths. If you do not live in Berlin, you can of course send us the ring, indicating the ring size. We will return the adjusted ring to you immediately.

Advice on jewellery gifts at Antique Jewellery Berlin

You want to give a ring for Christmas, but do not know which ring is the right one? We are happy to advise you.

All you need is a vague idea of what the person receiving the gift might like. You are also welcome to search for suitable rings on our homepage and have them shown to you in our showroom, stating the item number (you will find this in the description of the piece of jewellery).

When you buy antique jewellery online at Antique Jewellery Berlin, you enjoy the following advantages:

  • Worldwide free and insured shipping only through the best shipping service providers, each with the best regional expertise,
  • We offer all established payment options in the online shop and in our showroom,
  • Alterations and reworking by our three master goldsmiths are available upon request,
  • Original, non-retouched product photos,
  • Comprehensive advice in the field of antique jewellery in German, English and Arabic: Please also feel free to use our contact form for this purpose.

Whether you buy on site in our showroom (Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin-Mitte) or online the ring for Christmas: You can always rely on our expert service and secure checkout.

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