Give jewellery as a Christmas gift and make your loved ones happy

Santa by the tree: What to consider when giftig jewellery

Give jewellery as a Christmas gift and make your loved ones happy

Jewellery can definitely do that better than other gift ideas: create a buzz of joy at Christmas. For the dear mom you want to come up with a special gift, such as a necklace? The sister has started a family and you want to give a silver heart pendant as a lucky charm? Many men even plan to give their girlfriend the Christmas gift of a lifetime with an engagement ring.

There are hundreds of reasons – and with us, thousands of individual antique jewellery pieces – to give jewellery as a Christmas gift. But how do you choose the right piece?

Giving antique jewellery for Christmas: From which era?

We as specialists say: Jewellery as a gift for Christmas is in and of itself a safe bank. It always works, even with antique pieces! With the greatly increased awareness of sustainable jewelry and fair trade conditions, the “old and beautiful” has moved even further into focus in recent years. All of a sudden, there is a rediscovery of everything that has basically always been there. Although there are only unique pieces, the selection is huge!

Gift ideas without end reveal themselves through all our jewelry eras. It may be that the Art Deco is the most famous epoch for jewelry. But also the previous Art Nouveau, popular for its harmonious designs, as well as the Victorian era of the world power England offer timeless gift classics.

Jewellery from bygone eras is increasingly captivating people. Because antique jewelry is not only beautiful and valuable, but because it transports pure emotions. Stories from old times, which, when you look at the sparkling gold, sterling silver and all the precious stones, must have been great! Meanwhile, it is also clear that sometimes they were also very hard and deprived times. The magic is in the balance, the fascination of beauty and a bit of mystery. When we watch films and series that show old eras such as Art Deco, we are immediately gripped. Just take the opulent film adaptation of “Babylon Berlin”. In many scenes we can see fantastic art deco jewelry: Bracelet, necklace, ring and pearls for ladies. Pocket watch, tailcoat buttons and rings for men too. All this has existed in unsurpassable creativity and quality. Perfect as an individual unforgettable gift, isn’t it?

Our antique jewelry comes from three centuries and at least six named jewelry eras: 18th century beginning Georgian, then Victorian, Art Nouveau, Edwardian, Art Deco, and finally Vintage. Within the epochs there were enchanting side currents, such as Biedermeier, Historicism or the Arts+Crafts movement. We also hold the jewellery of the Suffragette movement (especially around 1910) in exceptionally high regard. The jewellery created there still strikes a chord with most people more than 100 years later: unique jewellery made of white gold, rose gold and sterling silver. Rapturously beautiful set with coloured gemstones of the highest quality. These jewellery classics will make a great surprise as a gift for mum or girlfriend!


Welcome Christmas gifts – properly choose jewelry for women

An Advent calendar full of jewellery is probably what every woman wants. It would of course also be in our interest as jewellery dealers if we could sell you 24 antique pieces of jewellery for “the biggest gift surprise ever”. A star of white gold and diamonds then gladly for the last door … but enough dreaming. A single gift of jewellery is of course, if well chosen, an unforgettable gesture.

What should you look for when browsing jewelry for women in search of an impressive Christmas gift?

  • What type of woman is she? Does she like discreet designs or playful shapes?
  • What jewelry does she already have in her own collection? Is it silver or gold jewellery?
  • Which are her favorite pieces for everyday wear? Which ones does she choose for special events or celebrations?

Are there pieces she wears every day? A gold necklace, perhaps, with a heart pendant? Or a sterling silver bracelet with a little “padlock” for a teasing clasp? Or stud earrings in white gold and diamonds? You can build on that and choose jewellery that perfectly matches her beloved evergreens.

Our jewelry gift ideas for ladies:

  1. every woman needs matching accessories for her own perfectly coordinated look. For example, a necklace with a beautiful pendant is a flexible gift. In business, the necklace can be worn discreetly without the pendant and privately, the piece of jewelry is a complete eye-catcher.
  2. even the finest diamond jewelry is often surprisingly cheap, if antique. How about a diamond ring? Take a look at our wide range – it is sure to hold at least one surprise for everyone!
  3. 925 silver, the so-called sterling silver, is as a silver chain, heart pendant with engraving or as a bracelet an unbeatable gift. And in addition elegant, timeless and almost unlimited with any clothing combinable.

Potential Christmas gifts and birthday gifts we have on offer in every price range. As a specialist for antique jewellery and antique engagement rings, we are always present in our Berlin showroom as well as online. Available for everything – but first and foremost for consultations with heart and expertise!

Jewellery gift for Christmas – also for men?

Jewelry as a Christmas gift are matters of the heart for the whole family. In the 21st century, this statement finally also applies to men. Equality has been drawing wide circles since the turn of the millennium at the latest and is expressed by a greatly increased fashion and styling awareness among the “stronger sex”. Celebrity gentlemen and the ubiquitous tips on social media are triggering a welcome sense of accessories of the sparkly kind among gentlemen. What’s to stop one from giving men a decorative gift too? Nothing! Here are our ideas.

Our jewellery gift ideas for men:

  1. signet rings, tie pins, sterling silver bracelets and the like belong for many gentlemen to the cultivated appearance.
  2. If a tuxedo or even a tailcoat is to be worn on a special occasion, an antique jewellery set for tailcoats will set you apart from the rest. White gold or rose gold as a base provides the value and mother of pearl, pearls or gemstones create a perfectly balanced overall picture. We have great tailcoat sets with the original antique jewellery cases of the Art Deco in our assortment. Definitely the noblest accessory for a man with style – antique at its best!
  3. the most common classic men’s jewelry, meanwhile, is not an exclusive gift idea for Christmas. After all, what does a mother give her son for his 18th birthday? Or: What can men and fathers never have enough of anyway? Let’s solve it: antique cufflinks! Wonderfully versatile men’s jewellery made of stylish 925 silver – timeless in art deco and handmade with individual engraving. We also have them with a smooth surface in our assortment. Then they can be personalised with an engraving to make them something very special.


Jewellery as a Christmas gift: show appreciation and love?

If your gift selection for Christmas falls on an antique piece of jewellery, then you are not only demonstrating exclusive taste, but also your appreciation of antique jewellery craftsmanship. But especially at the feast of love, people are more intensely concerned than usual with the living conditions on the entire planet. There is a lot of talk about sustainability, living conditions and social values. It’s the classic phase of the year where things come into focus that people sometimes overlook otherwise.

Antique jewellery stands quite concretely for sustainability and appreciation! Antique jewellery already exists, it has been cherished, cared for and protected over generations. A large part of our jewellery has survived two world wars undamaged. Why? Because for many it was the most valuable and emotional possession of all. Logically, it was easier to tuck your prized jewellery under your arm than a magnificently carved piece of furniture. This is so emotionally connected to families and their personal stories…we can’t help but suspect a happy ending behind almost every one of these stories.

With such positive thoughts, one likes to pick out jewelry gifts for Christmas, doesn’t one?! When the antique necklace, ladies ring or bracelet is lovingly wrapped and presented to your girlfriend, mother or father, it is appreciation through and through. What would give you lasting joy as a gift? What would you like to receive as a gift? What would be the best surprise for you? Here are a few expert tips from our online shop:

  • Sterling silver lockets and bracelets from the Victorian era to the vintage era → distinctive with individually hand engraved, partially enameled and guilloched.
  • Stud earrings with diamonds and partly refined coloured gemstone elements (partly also pearls) from the late Victorian era, via Art Deco to the 1980s → the base metal is always gold, white gold or rose gold, never silver
  • Necklaces made of gold and platinum with diamond arrangements or with fascinating gemstones, such as iridescent opals or elegant turquoises → often also set with pearls
  • Creoles made of rose gold, yellow gold or white gold → already popular in principle in the 19th century, our specimens mostly come from the 1970s, very diverse designs
  • Tailcoat buttons and masculine sets for the man with style → antique combinations of precious metals like platinum, yellow gold, sterling silver and organic materials like mother of pearl & pearls.

Order pieces of jewellery for the atmospheric gift-giving online at Antique Jewellery Berlin

Antique jewelry gifts are, of course, a classic evergreen as gifts for birthdays, weddings or corporate anniversaries. Unique one-of-a-kind pieces that already have their unique history can write new and unpredictable stories with a new owner.

But especially as a Christmas gift, jewellery can sparkle, glitter and bring romantic joy in the candlelight.

Best advice, incomparable products and deeply relaxed atmosphere in our “Temple of Happiness” store in Berlin-Mitte. You know that from us, right? For a few years now, we have also invested a lot in our online shop. This is how the past and the future meet in one place.

Enter – into the sparkling world of perfect Christmas gifts of all price ranges. Whether ring, necklace or stud earrings – door number 1 on your Advent calendar 2021: Antique Jewellery Berlin.

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