Garnet jewellery from Antique Jewellery Berlin – with full luminosity ahead.

Garnet jewellery from Antique Jewellery Berlin – with full luminosity ahead.

The year of the luck stones always begins with the warm red of the garnet. Even if the winters are not as cold as they were a few years ago, we like it warm around the heart. The extremely versatile and kindhearted gemstone garnet is positioned just right here. Since ancient times it has been highly valued as a symbol of light, loyalty and truth. Its unique luminosity has always been used spiritually, religiously and naturally as a gemstone. In the past, only the red variety was used, which also generally stands for the garnet. Actually the January birthstone is available in about 38 known different colors. The spectrum ranges from violet to orange, yellow, pink, green, chocolate and ruby red. The “original garnet stone”, originally discovered and mined in Mozambique, has driven the boom of garnet for jewellery production. Our antique jewellery with garnet usually carries the “Bohemian garnet” or the purple almandine. One can confidently regard the Bohemian Garnet as a brand, because it’s kind of a little sanctuary – an unshakable institution of antique jewellery from the German-speaking area. The bright red garnet stones, which were used for genuine Bohemian garnet jewellery, were mined locally since the Middle Ages.

Their popularity was not always as great as it is today, but especially in the 19th century the incredible potential of Bohemian garnets was recognized. Whether in facet or flat grinding – it is a real delight to experience the fire in the stones. In garnet necklaces, earrings and bracelets of the Historicism epoch (2nd half of the 19th century) you can see one of the most important chapters of European jewellery art. It can’t always be crown jewels. Antique garnet jewellery is characterized by being both artistically unique and also affordable. Since gold was rarely used as a carrier metal, but brass or tombac, it was and is affordable for every jewellery lover. We observe that the ancient Bohemian grenade is slowly becoming rare. The highest quality of the stones and the most elaborate processing was limited to a few decades. Fortunately, your Antique Jewellery Berlin still has extraordinarily beautiful garnet jewellery in stock.

The Vikings once added opulent garnet jewellery to graves so that the deceased could find their way to Valhalla thanks to the bright light of the garnet. The positive glow of the garnet and its supposedly protective character, create a holistically peaceful image of a very impressive gemstone. The color of the almandine, often found in English antique jewellery, tends towards violet. Especially impressive in the cabochon cut. Get your own picture of our antique garnet jewellery and let the new twenties begin with bright red! It would be best if you also follow us on our social media channels so that you don’t miss any more news and inspiration. See you 24/7 on and personally in our shop from Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm.

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