Cufflinks from Antique Jewellery Berlin – Men’s jewellery for generations

Cufflinks from Antique Jewellery Berlin – Men’s jewellery for generations

For about 100 years, cufflinks have been the most frequently worn pieces of jewelry for men. They are passed on from generation to generation and are therefore often a very lasting connection between father and son. This familiar, romantic aspect makes antique cufflinks more than just a fashion accessory. Whereby they were originally developed exactly for this or for very practical reasons. Just like brooches, cufflinks are helpful as an alternative to buttons to hold clothes together. In the case of cufflinks, of course, the cuffs are meant, i.e. the lowest ends of the sleeves of shirts. For larger sets, such as the tailcoat set, visually corresponding shirt buttons, collar buttons and tailcoat buttons are added. Such antique jewellery sets for men are something very special for us, because antique jewellery is a very rare treasure. Especially in the original designed storage box, such antique men’s jewellery is in great demand and is a real, incorruptible witness of past epochs and classical style developments. Since not every man, neither they nor now, owns a tailcoat and has the opportunity to wear one in proper style, cufflinks are sufficient for many. We see this quite realistically – the variety of antique cufflinks proves the practice right. How wonderful is the world of men’s jewellery…

Antique cufflinks are unsurpassed versatile in design, finish, materials and statement! There is nothing against it – it is pure joy for us. Classic designs from Art Nouveau/Edwardian and Art Déco are predominantly in gold or silver. But if it should not be the elegance of the precious metals alone, one worked with fine mother-of-pearl and elaborate enamel. The conscientious processing of sensitive materials into elegant pieces of jewellery proves to us, even from today’s point of view, the great importance of this type of antique jewellery. A very special culture developed in the United Kingdom, which is still alive today, many decades later, in cufflinks. There are antique cufflinks with enamel painting, reverse glass painting and cleverly incorporated patterns with enamel. Motifs of hunting, sports and animals in general were often painted on cufflinks by hand. These miniature paintings are real works of art, of which we have some pieces from the 1920s and 1930s in our assortment. In vintage men’s jewellery there was no stopping then. Every conceivable motive was worked out. Whether patterns, colours and designs have been created using enamelling technology. Or whether die casting could be used to produce complex little stories in moulds. It was the 1950s to 1970s that brought forth wonderful creations of exuberant imagination and lust for life. New materials such as rhinestone, chrome and all kinds of plastics still make us clap our hands. If you are looking for real vintage cufflinks and antique men’s jewellery, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Antique Jewellery Berlin!

Cufflinks are perfect as a gift! Whether for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or youth party. There are these and even more occasions to give away antique cufflinks. We have also talked to customers about great collecting passions. All this has our support. Immerse yourself in the variety of old and medieval pairs of distinctive men’s jewellery. In our shop we offer a much larger selection than in the online shop. But also there our assortment will continue to grow – you can rely on it. Come by in Berlin-Mitte, Linienstraße 44. Or have a look at our category cufflinks here online. We are open online 24/7. See you soon!

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