René Lalique introduced horn introduced horn in the circle of high-quality jewellery

René Lalique introduced horn introduced horn in the circle of high-quality jewellery

René Lalique, the big master of Art nouveau (in Germany known as Jugendstil ), introduced horn in the circle of high-quality jewellery. His internationally known contemporaries Georges Pierre and Elizabeth Bonté have designed  also horn-rimmed jewellery at the same time and have decisively contributed to the fact that jewellery, sculpture and fashion met and melted with each other.

The way women dressed themselves was subjected to a revolutionary change about 1900. The liberation from the corset and carrying light, fluent materials created a new freedom of moving. It changed the life and self-confidence of  women and led to more independence.

During the early years of the 20th century the transformative quality of horn-rimmed jewellery with its translucent surface was praised by the “Vogue. This characteristic was suitable to copy insect wings or petals. At that time  the term bijoux de fantasisie was created. The artists highly orientated themselves to the Japanese culture. In Japan every blossom has its own meaning. For example, the cherry blossom stands for loyalty, the chrysanthemum, on the other hand, is considered as a symbol of the sunrays. The same can be transferred to the representation of insects.

The cicada as a symbol of rebirth or the dragonfly as an embodiment of victory and courage were popular motives at that time. The bee stands for prosperity. The maybe most important animal on earth today already had a high level of importance in the antique jewellery creation.

You can find pieces of jewellery from horn in a wide range of works by the following artists in our store and in our online shop for antique jewellery and real vintage jewellery: Elizabeth Bonté, Georges Pierre, Georges Flamand and Ph. Lucens. One must simply experience the optical and haptic suppleness of hand-carved horn-rimmed jewellery. It is a privilege to carry it and testifies  timeless taste with great attention to detail.

Our store is  perfectly located in the centre of the capital, close to Hackescher Markt and Alexander square. You can directly reach us  by  underground to Rosa Luxemburg-Platz, by  tram from the central station or on foot. The historical Scheunenviertel (barn quarter) in Berlin Mitte provides an appropriate setting  for an exclusive shopping experience. You can find us at Linienstrasse 44, at the corner of Alte Schönhauser Straße.  RHEINFRANK  Antique & Vintage Jewellery Berlin is opened from Monday till Saturday between 11:00 –18:00. Purchases in our online shop enjoy the same safety and full service as purchases on site. We dispatch worldwide free of charge and insured.

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