Cufflinks are probably the most versatile pieces of jewellery available

Cufflinks are probably the most versatile pieces of jewellery available

Cufflinks are probably the most versatile pieces of jewellery available. Not only for men with style and good taste, but in every respect. An unmatched variety of the used materials, stylistic means and motives, as well as every conceivable form characterize this category. Anyone who searches cufflinks and finds with us antique and vintage cufflinks, can draw from unlimited resources. The heyday begins about 1920, at the end of art nouveau and the beginning of art déco, where cufflinks became especially popular. Evolved from the former status symbol, mostly of pure gold and with hand engravings, a piece of jewellery was created for everyone in the new art. Luckily for us, looking back it happened within an epoch, which was style-forming and in which forms, colours as well as materials were combined in a new and thrilling way.

From the subsequent period of the art déco in the 1930s and 1940s, fantastic works of antique jewellery art are found in our wide offer. We are enthusiastic about our gold-plated, chromed and weighty silver cufflinks, which are decorated with subtle enamel works, noble mother-of-pearl or fascinating onyx. The colour flow of the enamel is absolutely unique in terms of imagination and variety and provides striking accents with its wearer. Those who owned no own family coat of arms, could, for example wear the coat of arms of their native country or a beloved association. Or one extends the style of a handmade tailor-made shirt with festive events with golden cufflinks, which are decorated with tender gleaming mother-of-pearl applications.

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Still today we say that even men, who think that jewellery is a women’s preserve, always proudly expressed their personal mark by the shirt sleeve. As protected as every other beloved piece of jewellery, the antique cufflinks, which we offer in our business survived crises and wars, moves and generations almost unscathed. Our vintage cufflinks created from the 1950s till the late 1970s animated the world of men’s jewellery yet enormously. Of course oriented to the elaborate pieces of the pre-war-period, however, quite new stylistic means also developed. The application of plastic and glass, as well as forms adopted from nature and animals, made cufflinks not only to noble, but also often to witty pieces of jewellery. To carry a cricket playing bear or a reverse glass painting on the shirt, is really something truly special, right?! Discover the whole variety of antique men’s jewellery with us in the store or in the online shop. We have everything you wish for! Our antique jewellery store is located in Berlin Mitte, within walking distance to Hackescher Markt and Alexander Square. Easily accessible by all public means of transportation, we are open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00. In the relaxed atmosphere of our store every jewellery enthusiast can find antique and vintage cufflinks for himself or the most loved one and be inspired.

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