Fascinating garnet jewellery in January – positive prospects with RHEINFRANK!

Fascinating garnet jewellery in January – positive prospects with RHEINFRANK!

The New Year decorates itself with red. Shortly after the turn of the year, the world though rotates around the same axis. Nevertheless, the fascination of the new, forthcoming year is always extremely and exceptionally stimulating. Now at this point, we will, on a monthly basis, draw your attention to natal stones, also called lucky stones. We start with the natal stone of January: the garnet. Late born Capricorns, as well as the January Aquarius’s will be pleased about the warm character of the garnets. The precious stone, mostly common in luminous red shades from the group of silicates, symbolically stands for the strength of a new beginning. It has a protective effect on its wearer. That was already believed by the seafarers of the antiquity. Consequently, they carried the stone in amulets to avoid misfortune. Garnet was also an important burial gift with the Vikings, because these precious stones, through their special strong brightness, should illuminate the way of the dead to Valhalla.

It is not only about the colour red. The mineral garnet exists in such diverse variations like only a few other gemstones and precious stones! More than 30 different types of garnet are known, whose colour scale ranges from yellow, orange, pink to green, chocolate up to frequent red. Rare varieties like the intensive green “Demantoid” or the honey-golden “Hessonite” are real rarities and extremely popular in the jewellery world. The rarity of the natural occurrence provides exclusive prices among collectors or exceptional precious antique jewellery. Ever since, the red garnet appears often and without competition. In the field of antique jewellery, the so-called „Bohemian garnet “counts to the big shots. The heyday of the garnet jewellery from Bohemia extended to the 2nd half of the 19th century. In historicism, the subsequent period of the Biedermeier period, in the German-speaking area, big quantities of garnet were found and produced and resulting from it fascinating jewellery was created. Still today we enjoy the attention to detail and the very elaborate creations of the jewellery designers from that time. Wonderful colliers and vibrant seeming bracelets / bangles were primarily demanded. Also in modern times, the wearer of garnet jewellery is a guaranteed eye-catcher for every observer.

Discover our wide selection of antique garnet jewellery and the authentic bohemian garnet. Timeless creation and always modern jewellery should accompany you during the whole year. We are looking forward to your visit in our store in Berlin Mitte and any time on: www. antique-jewellery.de. We will enlarge our online offer also in 2018. We want everybody interested in antique jewellery to have the possibility to own our antique and authentic vintage jewellery beauties worldwide.

From Monday to Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00 our store is always open at Linienstrasse 44, within walking distance to Hackescher Markt and close to Alexanderplatz. Online anyway 24/7.

We wish you a happy and healthy New Year.



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