No more overexploitation for gold and diamonds!

No more overexploitation for gold and diamonds!

Striving for a sustainable model of life does not mean sacrificing pleasure and luxury. Despite all the problems in the world and systematic injustices, there are ways to make your personal contribution to better circumstances. We know best about jewellery and accessories for beautiful outfits. And if we only share our knowledge about it with you, and together develop the awareness for appreciation further, we all already make a big contribution. The production of jewellery always begins with the extraction of valuable natural resources. The mining conditions of precious metals as well as gemstones have always been undertakings with serious injustices. Many of Mother Earth’s most precious treasures are mined in the poorest countries of the world. There, where often neither humanitarian nor political order prevails. For hundreds of years, until today (!), people have been exploited to extract jewellery materials, punitive labourers abused and children forced to do hard physical labour. Blood gold is the name given to what is extracted in huge, partly illegal mines without any regulations. Whether in Africa, Asia or Latin America, the mining sites are spread over half the globe.

Precious metals and stones from terrible sources end up in the workshops and studios of the world’s biggest fashion and jewellery labels and overpriced luxury brands. The shameful truth is: jewellery is, or can hardly be, sustainable! But what can everyone do? We can all buy jewellery that was produced a long time ago. Second hand at least – in the case of antique jewellery probably from multiple previous owners. The decisive argument is: what is already there does not have to be captured. In this respect, antique jewellery can also be seen as sustainable jewellery. Nature no longer has to suffer for an old piece of jewellery today! This is the most conciliatory realisation of an industry that primarily wants to stand for light-heartedness and unrepentant enjoyment. What else speaks for second hand? Antique jewellery has never lost its appeal, brilliance and enthusiasm. Quite the contrary! Old jewellery is so highly valued and appreciated in terms of art history because it is a reflection of value creation and appreciation in the best sense. Earlier master goldsmiths and jewellers created small works of art for eternity. Visionary in design as well as designed for long-term usability and value. Let us convince you. We bet you will be surprised how beautiful antique jewellery is!

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