April, April, knows exactly what he wants. Diamonds in antique jewellery from RHEINFRANK Berlin!

April, April, knows exactly what he wants. Diamonds in antique jewellery from RHEINFRANK Berlin!

The king of all gems is the birthstone and lucky stone of the spring month of April: the diamond. He is the epitome of luxury and definitely “A Girl’s Best Friend”. There’s nothing compared to the fascination that comes from a diamond. For centuries it has been people’s desire to own and control diamonds. You can not read the development of technology and civilization on any other material in antique jewellery. In fact, love is the ultimate drive to devote to this gemstone. He is like love itself – fascinating, overwhelmingly magical, seductive and incredibly valuable. The stone stands for the unity of mind and emotions. Just like the realization, when a person has found his partner for life. Diamonds are also faithful companions in life and represent the perfect happiness of love.

As is known, a diamond stands for indestructibility. He is the hardest stone on the Mohs hardness scale and his reputation is always ahead of him. In addition to its physical hardness, the diamond is purely symbolically the perfect choice for a piece of jewellery, which should give expression to the promise of indestructible love between two people. Classic engagement rings have therefore traditionally graced at least one diamond for centuries. To set it up as effectively as possible, developing the perfect cut was the ultimate goal that the cutters and grinders have devoted for centuries. There were some milestones in the course of this. But the ultimate in diamond cut, the most faceted and luxurious of all, was defined in 1919 by the Belgian Marcel Tolkowsky. It is the “Tolkowsky Brilliant”, also called the “ideal cut”. The technical term “Brilliant” has made its way into everyday language use and has been synonymous with “perfect”, “extraordinary” and “above-average success” for well over a century.

Tiffany & Co. in New York made the straight gold or platinum ring with a solitary diamond, the so-called “Diamond Solitaire”, the epitome of the modern engagement ring. A diamond lets you forget time and space in happy moments. You can feel the eternity and the infinite power of attraction in a diamond when you look through its facets deep into its pure soul. He is the culmination of the natural gems – without any ifs and buts! Color loving friends of antique jewellery choose an antique engagement ring that combines color gemstones and diamonds. As Berlin’s leading specialty store for antique jewellery we have jewellery with all colored gemstones in our assortment. Come visit us in Berlin-Mitte. From Monday to Saturday, our store at Linienstrasse 44, within walking distance of Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz, is open for you from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Online 24/7 on www.antique-jewellery.de.

Discover our wide assortment of antique jewellery in our store in Berlin Mitte as well as any time on www.antique-jewellery.com From Monday to Saturday from 11.00 to 18.00 our store is always open at Linienstrasse 44, within walking distance to Hackescher Markt and close to Alexanderplatz. Online always 24/7.

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