Pride Berlin 2018 – A journey through time

Pride Berlin 2018 – A journey through time

The struggle for personal rights, recognition and equal rights in society has been fought in many places for centuries. The so called Pride movement is one of the longest lasting and still restless active actions. It is about the equal rights and the acceptance of homosexuals in the world. There is evidence of the beginning of this movement back to the Victorian era. But it were the decades of Art Deco, the 1920s in Germany, and the 1930s in the United States that initially increased at least the tolerance of homosexuals. Unfortunately one cannot talk about acceptance until the 1970s, after dark years of persecution and hatred. The world finally became more colorful and very cheerful. The creative arts exploded, gay artists became heroes, and the taste for a free life was in everyone’s mind.

We draw unmistakable parallels to the movement of suffragettes in the Edwardian epoch. The strong movement of brave women who fought for the right to vote and equality for women is certainly still one of the models for the Pride movement today. What the rainbow flag is for the Pride was the happy Green-White-Purple color combination for the suffragettes. The suffragettes also had fashion, songs and other expressions of their demands. But comparable to the popularity of the Pride anthem, “I am what I am” from Jerry Herman’s Broadway musical “La Cage aux Folles”, they were not.

Much has changed in the last decades. Passionate fights were fought – Victories and losses have emerged from it. Most of the effort ended positively. Step by step – like this the Pride movement fights for the acceptance of the skeptics. Frank, unshakably positive, colorful, loud and funny as we wish for life. You cannot and do not want to escape this today. The ever more tolerant and free-developing world is something that we too celebrate every day! The old and beautiful, that we connect and transport with our antique jewellery, lives on in the 21st century under completely different conditions. Artful antique jewelry reminds us of times that mark the beginning of our present prosperity and self-determined life.

Antique jewellery is always a journey through time. Even before the invention of the automobile, one went on a journey of discovery in a carriage or in a steam train. It is worth more than anything else – because antique jewellery was always ahead of its time and always a reflection of the highest arts of its era. Owning something like this in the present day is a testament for good taste and the desire for true individuality.

By the way: COLORFUL we can anyway! When Berlin celebrates Pride in July, we look forward to your visit! From Monday to Saturday, our shop at Linienstraße 44, within walking distance of Hackescher Markt near Alexanderplatz, is open for you from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. Online of course 24/7 on

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