Old Jewellery is our passion

Old Jewellery is our passion

Old jewellery, in particular antique jewellery manufactured before 1950, is our passion.

Portable and modern taste corresponding antique jewellery origins from the time between 1750 and 1950. By definition antique jewellery is at least 50 years old – by this we as a trader understand the artistic jewellery production up to the end of the Art déco epoch at the end of the 1940s. During two centuries goldsmiths and jewellers perpetuated the technical and cultural progress of its respective epoch for good in the finest manual labour.

A revolutionary fashion and jewellery creation was set off from England by the Georgian epoch. In the beginning still restrained in opulent golden and cut steel pieces of jewellery. In the meantime, antique jewellery of the early 19th century established coloured gemstones and diamonds as an important stylistic means in the jewellery art from England, France and Italy. During the German Biedermeier period and Historicism, so from approximately 1820, gold and garnet red dominated the fashion and jewellery design.

Especially respectable and also technically seen advanced pieces of jewellery have remained from the Victorian epoch. This time is connected inseparably with the meteoric rise of the English culture and its worldwide spread. Antique jewellery from this time, from 1837 to 1901, has set standards, by which the jewellery creators of later epochs, like Edwardian, Art nouveau and Art déco orientated themselves. Florale elements entered colliers, bracelets and earrings during the Victorian epoch. Such motives have been perfected by jewellery designers in Paris and in the Arts + Crafts repair shops of England in first decades of the 20th century.

With RHEINFRANK Antique Jewellery Berlin you can find antique jewellery of the Victorian epoch and the style forming epochs Art nouveau (Jugendstil) and Art déco in any possible implementation. The increasingly more detailed polished diamonds from 1900 conquered the fingers of the ladies and men. Antique rings are timelessly nice, elegant and, in addition, absolutely suitable for everyday life.

Above all the engagement ring set up to the most important and certainly most emotional piece of jewellery of all times. Our fantastic choice of real antique and real vintage engagement rings is unique in Germany – online as well as offline! Our offer of 200 years of antique jewellery, which exists exclusively of originals and unique pieces allows you to immerse into the past and yet vibrant times. You can take a closer look at a very big part of it in our online shop and purchase of course comfortably and riskless at home.

With pleasure we welcome you in our retail store at Linienstrasse 44, corner Alte Schönhauser street, very centrally located in Berlin Mitte. RHEINFRANK Antique Jewellery Berlin is opened from Monday to Saturday between 11:00 – 18:00 o’clock. You can reach us within walking distance of a few minutes from Hackescher Markt. Alexander Platz is also only a few minutes away.

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