Art Déco jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin – timelessly stylish!

Art Déco jewellery at Antique Jewellery Berlin – timelessly stylish!

When we talk of antique jewellery with modern accents, we almost always refer to Art déco jewellery. It is the jewellery epoch, which is apparently not subject to any signs of aging. Basically, the Art Deco style has been around for almost 100 years without interruption. The designs and creations of the goldsmiths and jewellers of that era, which officially existed for a little over 20 years, still meet the taste of most modern people today. Especially the recently popular desire for “simple jewellery” usually ends with the choice of an Art Déco piece of jewellery. However, the majority of antique jewellery from the 1920s to the 1940s can be described as extravagant and luxurious rather than plain. Magnificent pieces of jewellery were created from the highest quality materials and the best gemstones. Besides the obligatory 18-carat yellow gold and white gold, the precious metal of the hour was undoubtedly platinum. Platinum has been making diamonds and brilliants shine and sparkle since about 1920. This is due to the fact that goldsmiths have always recognized that pure white diamonds in yellow gold jewelry falsify the reflected light. To avoid this yellow shimmer, in the 19th century the setting for diamonds was either covered with silver foil or forged directly from silver. However, since silver has corrosive properties, the perfect solution was finally found with platinum, which was originally difficult to process. Since then, almost every diamond or brilliant-cut diamond setting has been forged from platinum or white gold to guarantee the most popular gemstones their sparkling appearance. And yes: since the Art Déco, it sparkles more impressively and captivatingly than ever before! With the development of the ideal cut by the Belgian gemologist Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, the brilliant was from then on the measure of all things.

The enormously increased prosperity of the western world, in Europe especially in Germany, France and England, constantly fired the creativity of jewellery design. Thanks to the global trade in precious stones and luxury goods from distant countries, jewellers and goldsmiths had access to unprecedented resources for their work. You can see and feel this to this day when you look at original Art Déco jewellery with astonishment. In our shop we experience above all that the gentlemen of creation are interested in Art Déco pieces when choosing an engagement ring. The cuts of the gemstones and the sophisticated construction of the ring heads are usually of unrivalled quality. Whether it should be the diamond solitaire ring or a typical 3-stone or 5-stone ring with sparkling brilliants is purely a matter of taste. In any case, the choice is an antique unique piece, which emotionally underlines the romantic intention to spend the rest of life with a person. Art Déco jewellery is not off-the-peg jewellery – it is antique and unique!

Welcome to our shop for antique and genuine vintage jewellery (from 1950 to the 1980s)! Our Art Déco assortment includes all categories of jewellery, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, etc. You can also buy antique jewellery for men from us. Here we are well positioned with antique men’s rings / signet rings, cufflinks and tie pins. We are personally available for you in our shop in 10119 Berlin-Mitte, Linienstraße 44 daily from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Our entire range is also available around the clock in our online shop. If you have any questions about our antique jewellery or if you would like additional descriptions / photos, please contact us via our contact form, by phone or by e-mail. Or chat with us within the opening hours (German and English).

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