Vintage Engagement Rings by Antique Jewellery Berlin – Timelessly Modern!

Vintage Engagement Rings by Antique Jewellery Berlin – Timelessly Modern!

Every man and woman is spoilt for choice when it comes to the perfect engagement ring. Of course, the range of shops is huge. From really small to really big, from suspiciously cheap to utopianly expensive, from simple to playful – it’s easy to lose track and also lose interest! The ring of rings should therefore be chosen in a relaxed manner according to the process of elimination. May we be of assistance to you? With pleasure:

What makes the ideal engagement ring? How big should it be and which gemstone should it wear? These are very personal questions and preferences of both the recipient and the person presenting the ring. There is only so much advice you can give. Whether a green emerald ring or a blue sapphire ring is the right choice for an engagement ring cannot be influenced. But there are other issues that are now very important to many people. The personal conviction and decision to use sustainable products is one of these topical issues. Only antique jewellery and jewellery from the vintage period after 1950 fulfil the sustainability requirement. Jewellery that was produced a long time ago no longer pollutes the environment in the here and now! The beauty is that jewellery does not wear out or somehow lose its elegance and beauty. If it’s important to you to tell the story of products, reach for a vintage engagement ring. Our vintage engagement rings from the 1950s to the 1970s impress with the finest materials and individual designs. At no time did people skimp on the emotional power of an engagement ring. Often you can clearly see which models the jewellery designers of the golden 60s and wild 70s were inspired by. The most beautiful designs of the jewellery ateliers of past epochs were magnificently quoted or interestingly retold. The focus was always on a high level of quality. Our antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings fulfil this claim. Let yourself be inspired by pure individuality!

Our vintage engagement rings are forged from 585 gold (14K) or 750 gold (18K) and are clearly attributable to their era. The diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and other precious stones are of the best jewellery quality. Finding an individual piece of jewellery is easy with us. The selection is large and represents a fantastic cross-section of all jewellery epochs and designs of the last 300 years. Take a look at our large online shop right now and convince yourself of our great selection. Modern people wear timeless, sustainable jewellery. Vintage engagement rings and antique engagement rings from Antique Jewellery Berlin.

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