Antique pearl jewellery is always modern – Antique Jewellery Berlin

Antique pearl jewellery is always modern – Antique Jewellery Berlin

The pearls are back! Oh, were they ever gone? The big comeback of the pearl in jewellery design shows, how timeless and modern antique jewellery really is. Of course, every trend comes back someday – this is a wonderfully unplannable law in the fashion and lifestyle world. But why should you covet only the copies of the style icons today if we offer the originals? Celebrity fashion designers and personalities such as Coco Chanel, adorned with pearls, are already remembered in images 100 years ago. Of course, the fascination is much older – Pearl jewellery has thrilled jewellery lovers for centuries. The natural product itself, which grows layer by layer in shells, is an incomparable phenomenon! One could deal with it both scientifically and philosophically …

Without a doubt, natural pearls adorn our jewelry, here at Antique Jewellery Berlin. The pure cultured pearls, whose cultivation was accelerated since about 1930 onwards, cover the high demand for pearls for jewelry processing until today. However, in Antique Jewellery we are more interested in the completely unique natural pearls. Their charming, in more or less striking irregularities emphasize the high demand for individuality, which only antique jewellery can claim for itself. The “Queen“ of the individual pearls is the so-called Baroque Pearl. The name may be a bit misleading, because the Baroque Pearl has nothing to do with the eponymous art historical epoch. It is their always asymmetric form that has been named like this. Jewellery creators and goldsmiths of all eras recognized these gifts of nature as their chance, to design completely unique jewellery with pearls. And so, we still enjoy today impressive masterpieces of antique jewellery, in which a Baroque Pearl often acts as the main eye-catcher. Whether in brooches, in antique necklaces or bracelets – they are to be discovered and loved.

Antique jewellery with pearls are available in a variety of designs and for absolutely every occasion. We would be happy to show you the wide assortment we have! Pearls tend to correspond with diamonds and color stones in complete harmony. Likewise, they convince themselves in somehow simpler pieces of jewellery from the Art Deco era to the vintage era of the 1970s, mainly in earrings and on rings. Come and visit us – we advise you from Monday to Saturday between 11:00 and 19:00 at our shop at Linienstraße 44, Berlin-Mitte. Online we are open 24/7 for a daytime independent shopping experience and for discovery tours through our range:

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