Antique engagement rings – the timeless passion!

Antique engagement rings – the timeless passion!

Currently we experience the romantic Renaissance of the engagement ring. This development is especially for young people the climax on reflecting the honest and remaining values in life. Even more: it is a unprecedented declaration of love to love.

An antique engagement ring corresponds to the today’s desire for individuality and esteem the most. Pieces of jewellery with history are very popular in the new spirit of the time (zeitgeist) and are at least 50 years old. The antique engagement ring is ageless thanks to its status and origin as a limitless proof of love.

What stories are behind antique jewellery? For good this remains an exciting secret for all of us. Male or female wearers of an antique ring rewrite their own history anyway . Engagement rings from the most different epochs, such as art déco, art nouveau and Edwardian, received unique forms and grindings with love to detail. These are reports of great craftsmanship and respect for the people.

Discover Engagement Rings in our Store in Berlin

Experts like us, with an art-historical background, date back the first engagement rings to the 15th century concerning the attractiveness of today. Nevertheless, really excellently preserved pieces from our assortment date back primarily to the period after the 18th century. There is probably no other form of art with a similar degree of suitability for everyday use than antique jewellery. Our antique jewellery store in Berlin Mitte, within walking distance to Hackescher Markt, offers the biggest choice from all epochs.

All over Germany there is no comparable offer of antique and real vintage engagement rings! The variety of the noble materials is gigantic and certainly meets every taste. Whether yellow gold rings, white gold rings or platinum rings … embedded with a sparkling diamond solitaire or with sapphire, ruby and emerald. Each of our antique rings is a unique specimen and each of our vintage rings from the 1960s and 1970s is a bow to the beauty of the woman.

Get a comprehensive advice from our experts for antique jewellery! Our store is opened from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00. Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of our store, you can completely delve into the theme.

For the independent preselection, all pieces are categorised clearly with detailed pictures in our online shop. Of course they can be acquired there also with a completely safe unlimited buyer protection. One should not wait too long. Each of our antique pieces of jewellery exists only once in the world.


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