Engagement rings Berlin! RHEINFRANK has the perfect selection!

Engagement rings Berlin! RHEINFRANK has the perfect selection!

The engagement or the betrothal, as it is officially called, is one of the great romantic moments in life. Because who gives the marriage promise swears eternal loyalty and solidarity to his partner. The classic genuflection of the man in front of his sweetheart is no longer necessary in the 21st century. But like all aspects of an engagement and the ensuing wedding, it is up to the convictions and wishes of the applicant. We, as one of Berlin’s most experienced dealers in engagement rings, like to listen to our customers. Every personal story is fascinating and makes us understand better. We are happy to advise both modern and traditional oriented couples with our expertise and our refined subtlety. The change of time affects everything! The engagement and the attachment to a human are elementary and in the present time therefore more valuable than ever. We welcome your wish to build a completely happy life with your loved one at your side. If you have found the right partner for you – then do it!

In addition to the ideal moment and the right place for a marriage proposal, the perfect engagement ring is the absolute most important thing. The ring is perfect when it comes from the heart and depicts a small mirror image of the wearer. This proves to your partner that you can empathize with her. Nobody knows your girlfriend as well as you do. The plan of a common future requires that you not only know but also support the preferences and interests of your partner. This will allow you to find the perfect engagement ring with us! Study the jewelry box and the clothes of your sweetheart. Listen carefully when she talks about jewelry and pay attention while window-shopping with her. Please also respect whether she is a spontaneous person or a small “wink” in advance would be appropriate …

The engagement ring is always up-to-date and just at this point tradition meets individuality at antique jewellery. No expression in jewelry can be more individual and personal than an antique engagement ring. No splendid prospectus of our modern times keeps its promise of individuality, because individually can only be what does not exist twice in the world. Just like our wide assortment of engagement rings in Berlin! Starting with the straight solitaire ring, called “Diamant Solitaire” in antique jewellery, how Tiffany & Co. turned it into a modern scale in New York. Three centuries of antique jewellery, as we can present it, has of course produced every imaginable design of engagement rings. Colored gemstones and diamonds, opals and pearls or all around engraved gold and platinum rings without stones. Our assortment includes only individual pieces! Unique pieces for unique people who do not fit in any drawer … or want to fit into it.

Discover everything here in our store in Berlin-Mitte. Monday through Saturday our business is open at Linienstraße 44, within walking distance to Hackescher Markt and Alexanderplatz, for you open from 11:00 am till 6:00 pm. Online 24/7 on www.antique-jewellery.de.


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