Suffragettes power – for the last 100 years women in power!

Suffragettes power – for the last 100 years women in power!

The anniversary of 2018: 100 years ago the suffragette movement achieved its decisive success. The recognition of the suffrage for woman and the progress of equal rights in general coming along with it, was world-changing in 1918. Besides, circumstances that surround us nowadays are considered to be quite normal and ordinary, but are indeed the result of many years’ protests, self-sacrificing efforts and indefatigable organisation. Already in the outgoing 19th century groups of women formed to protest against their barred suffrage and for their self-determination. However, only as of 1903, the extent of these movements increased to a remarkable size in England and the USA. By the way, also some men belonged to it, mostly very educated authors and artists. Besides loud calls, marches and demonstrations, which, unfortunately, led to violent attacks of both sides, quiet and subtle signs were set up at the same time. This happened by the expression of fashion and above all of jewellery. As protests were mostly led by women of the bourgeois class, the conditions were given to be able to afford modern fashion and jewellery intrinsically. Thus, the movement of the suffragettes rose also to an influential-style-forming institution. But above all, the unsurpassable expression of colours. Their slogan “Give Women Vote” was analogously translated into colours.

Give Women Vote – Green White Violet!

This colour combination is for us as art historians and traders of old jewellery one of the most cheerful and non- successful creations in history. Green mostly comes into the play by a peridot, for a gentle green is desired. White suffragettes jewellery are either diamonds, white sapphires or pearls. The colour violet or purple is perfected by the amethyst. We will be pleased to show you rings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces with this unique colour stone combination from our assortment. Suffragettes jewellery is completely antique, because it is on average approximately 100 years old. Vintage implementations from times after the art deco epoch are not known to us with regard to this kind of jewellery. The production actually occurred only in the period around 1910 to 1920. Another expression by jewellery creators was created with the material enamel, with which almost everything is possible. Suffragettes jewellery with enamel is unfortunately ultra rare, hardly no longer preserved. Antique jewellery in general has been the most fostered treasure of a lady or a family. This is the universally valid explanation for us, why antique jewellery even after decades, partly centuries, after world wars and radical changes of whole life conditions in the world, even today looks as good as new. For us it is the absolutely big luck! Exactly like the success, which the Suffragette movement can claim for itself. They fought for equal rights of women and won. Future generations therefore have won in many respects. Antique jewellery was rarely as beautiful as in „green white purple”!

Discover our wide offer of the Suffragettes jewellery. It is a pleasure to welcome you in our store in Berlin Mitte! We are represented globally 24/7 on We will develop our online offer also in 2018. We want everybody interested in antique jewellery to have the possibility to own our antique and authentic vintage jewellery beauties.

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