Welcome 2020 – Antique Jewellery Berlin: Antique jewellery for the new decade.

Welcome 2020 – Antique Jewellery Berlin: Antique jewellery for the new decade.

New Year – new luck! We are very lucky to be able to take the word “luck” literally. We are surrounded by it because we are here to just make people happy with beautiful antique jewellery. The past year was indescribable – it was an emotional and business success. We would like to say THANKS to all our customers, friends and partners! For us, every couple, every customer who writes the history of our antique jewelry is the reason why we are jewellery dealers with so much passion. We really enjoy advising you! This is how we start the new year – with the ambitious goal of becoming even better. We filtered out praise, criticism and fresh suggestions from countless conversations with our customers in 2019 (including those that were not in the store). Everything that takes us further and makes you happier. We continue to build on our model of parallel business action in our store (offline) and in the Internet (online).

To use our online shop conveniently as a catalog at home and then to look at the favorite pieces of jewellery in the shop makes things a lot easier. But beyond that we will invest a lot of ideas, energy and WoManpower in our online presence in 2020. We want to make the whole world more beautiful with unique antique jewellery. For this, the ease of use is consistently improved, our articles will be presented and described in more detail. The jewellery will also increasingly photographed on a model. This enables those interested in jewellery to better assess how well the piece fits them. From a technical point of view, the speed with which pages can be set up will increase, especially for mobile devices. Many improvements are in the planning stage or have already been initiated. Full steam ahead in 2020!

As a customer, you are the focus of our everyday work. You are very welcome in our shop at Linienstraße 44, Berlin-Mitte. You should feel just as good in our online shop … Because that’s all one. We only have one antique piece of jewellery in all its beauty in our assortment (in parallel online and in the shop). In fact, there is only one piece of antique jewellery anywhere in the world. We stand for real sustainability and individuality – through incomparable unique pieces. That has always made us special. We will be by your side even more in the future! Our range grows and changes constantly. Your dream piece of jewellery may already be waiting for you here …

Come on over. Call us or write us. It is best to also follow us on our social media channels to ensure that you do not miss any news or inspiration. It is worth it! We will show you what we can do. Get into the new “twenties” with your Antique Jewellery Berlin! We are open 24/7 at www.antique-jewellery.de and in person in the shop Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Visit our air-conditioned shop for unique Engagement rings and genuine Antique jewellery – we are looking forward to see you here, in the heart of Berlin!

Antique Jewellery Berlin Rheinfrank, Linienstr. 44, 10119 Berlin-Mitte
Tel.: +49 (0)30 206 89 155


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