Love – 365 days of season.

Love – 365 days of season.

When is the time perfect for love, family and future planning? We mean emphatically: just always! It seems that in the colder seasons, the desire for emotional warmth is greater and even the “strong sex” increasingly falls into a cozy mood. But that’s all subjective. The fact is: Love is most beautiful in the now. The most exalted feeling that two people can share is omnipresent. Who met the love does not want to keep it to him/herself. It is joyfully shared, posted and celebrated. If it is the woman or the man for the rest of life, then happiness is perfect and the whole world should know it. The face shines and the eyes sparkle. Luckily, romantic feelings and the need for human closeness are not subject to global trends and are not simply pushed away in the swiftness of modern life. The essential desire for stability cannot fulfill anything but a beloved partner on the side. One of the most encouraging ways to deal with people is for us to see more and more young people making their way back from the digital world to the real world. Establishing a family, building one’s own legacy, and recognizing the beauty of the traditions of love has returned to the focus of a modern man. Bravo!

Jewellery is an unmistakable form of expression of love. Jewellery should not only dress well, but stay a lifetime. Just like the partner. But antique jewelry also supports something else. The wish of the donor for the lasting and common happiness can be expressed in a unique way with something artistic and valuable from past epochs. To appreciate the passion and mastery of the gold and platinum smithy of past decades and centuries as everlasting, testifies to having recognized the strengths of the past. This leads to the honorable intention to continue stable traditions of interpersonal relationships. Down to earth – with heavenly beautiful antique jewellery. Pure individuality through incomparable individual pieces. Without exception! We have learned what matters to our customers. If you want real individuality, you cannot avoid the artwork of the old jewellery makers. Transporting them into the here and now and building new life happiness on them cannot be more romantic!

Antique engagement rings, antique wedding rings, men’s and wedding jewellery and sparkling little masterpieces for every occasion can be found here. In each price range moves our wide assortment of 3 centuries jewellery production. All original – without exception! Whether for a birthday, the birth of a child, for a wedding or other romantic occasions – we are happy to advise you and present the wide range of any variations of jewellery. From Monday to Saturday, our shop at Linienstrasse 44, within walking distance of Hackescher Markt and near Alexanderplatz, is open for you from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. Of course you can reach us online 24/7 on

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