Moonstones in antique jewellery – the charm offensive in June

Moonstones in antique jewellery – the charm offensive in June

Moonstones are very earthly! The extremely popular gemstones got their name because of its obvious characteristics. The most intriguing is the inherent shimmer, reminiscent of the diffuse light of the moon in the night sky. Moonstones have a creamy white, sometimes ivory to bluish color character and are milky-transparent. From the optical properties inevitably one draws parallels to opals. In fact, these two gemstones have much in common. Both gems are used exclusively for jewellery making – what makes us very happy! One falls in love and dreams in them and life seems to gain in lightness.

Antique jewellery with moonstones is breathtakingly beautiful, mysterious and at the same time expressive. The obligatory round cut/Cabochon cut provides the shimmer, the play of colors and a very amazing effect called adularescence. This effect is also known to antique jewellery lovers by the tiger’s eye in a similar way. The Moonstone is one of the birth and luck stones of the month of June. In June, people like to become a night owl and sit with friends and family in the open air until late at night. Legendary is its reputation, it would let the wearer in a dream to see their own future. To wear antique necklaces, earrings and bracelets with moonstones does not only attract in June-born people of the zodiac sign Gemini and Cancer. The jewellery production with moonstones was especially productive during the English Edwardian epoch, parallel to the German Art Nouveau and the Arts + Crafts movement. Moonstones were always staged in antique jewellery as a central eye-catcher. Only delicate silver and gold settings and thin chains often hold many of the stones in a piece of jewellery.

The standing for fertility and life moonstone is of course perfect as a gemstone in engagement jewellery. Rarely, but then beautiful, it was flanked by diamonds and set in antique engagement rings. Who as a future bride has the luck to get an antique engagement ring with moonstone, does not need to worry about admiring glances. Let us advise you.

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