The German “small” thinking or “What man should better decide for himself”!

The German “small” thinking or “What man should better decide for himself”!

We’ve said a lot of things about engagement rings. This is only logical, because we are the specialists for antique jewellery in Berlin and the first contact point for truly individual engagement rings. For more than 20 years we have been gathering experience from which every person willing to get engaged can benefit. More than with any other piece of jewellery, the engagement ring is often difficult to decide. The “agony of choice” is merciless, dear men. We know that very well, believe us. We are here in our shop ready for you and advise from the heart with passion and infinite patience. We will show you everything and talk about things you have understandably never dealt with before. We seem to be doing quite well, because statistically speaking, every man (but every woman) leaves our shop happy and has found the ring of rings for the woman of women – secured, snatched, bought, in his pocket.

Sometimes it is the result of hard work. But: Men, it’s worth it! You’ve found the woman for life and made the decision to propose. Bravo! Unfortunately for you, engagement rings are not available at hardware stores. Now we come into play professionally. Individually the engagement ring should be. In yellow gold, no, rather in white gold. With a diamond anyway. But she likes green too, right? What’s it called, the green gem? … Question after question. That’s a wide field. But don’t despair, we’ll work it out together! We have over 1,000 different individual pieces. Each ring is different and beautiful in itself. But what pleases the bride-to-be? This should of course be taken into consideration, but carry not too much weight. Because it is enormously important that it is a piece of jewellery that comes from you personally and corresponds at least half of your own taste! She’ll fall around your neck crying anyway… so choose a ring that you think is perfect! No one knows that woman like you do. And what does she deserve: an absolutely fantastic ring! From the sewing box: the engagement ring will be your status symbol on your finger. Definitely THE thing she is proud of in the future. She will show it everywhere and get praise for it. For that to happen, you’re gonna have to come around the corner with a scoop!

Often the perfect ring is even found quickly. Unfortunately, men do not always listen to their gut feeling and start to falter at the wrong moment. Then they ask for advice, within the family and circle of friends. With laughing and crying eyes we have gained endless experience at this point. Bringing “her best friend” to a jewelry appointment, for example, is tricky! From our experience: then people often start to talk small and talk out of it. Counterproductive! Better listen to your own gut feeling – we mean well. Envy is not a good advisor in romantic affairs! Your fiancée is planned for eternity in your life. When in doubt, best friends sometimes part ways because of bad advice… A better tip from us: take your time and sit down in our lounge corner and enjoy a good whisky on the house. Think what she likes and what you like. Solve the task alone (you are not – because we are here!), this will enrich your life forever! We are here for you, personally in our shop in 10119 Berlin-Mitte, Linienstraße 44, daily from 11:00 am to 19:00 pm. Our complete assortment can also be viewed around the clock in our online shop. So, see you soon!

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