Sapphire engagement rings – Berlin’s fantastic selection!

Sapphire engagement rings – Berlin’s fantastic selection!

The sapphire is a perfect gemstone for engagement rings. His blue stands for loyalty, harmony and contentment. With this, important attributes for the romantic event are already ideally expressed with this color stone. Especially in the Edwardian period, beginning of the 20th century, sapphires were set as an eye-catcher in yellow and white gold rings. Later also in platinum. In this case, a light to dark blue sapphire can be set in the middle of each one brilliant, flanking it left and right. Common there was also a 5 Stone variant in which sapphires and diamonds alternate. In Art Deco from the 1920s to the 1940s, engagement rings with sapphires were usually made with larger ring heads. The variety of design was epoch-typical almost limitless. The sapphire in engagement rings was celebrated and worshiped in Art Deco. Its natural shades of blue, sometimes go in the green and also in the pink and purple, fit perfectly into any design!

Sapphires can be cut into any shape. Very popular is for example the emerald cut, in various fancy cuts and as a cabochon. Its interaction with diamonds / brilliants is breathtaking and therefore custom. There is hardly a gem in antique engagement rings that is as diverse present as the sapphire (also: Safire) – the birthstone of the month of September. Its color spectrum is very similar to that of tourmaline and its natural inclusions (positive quality feature!) are reminding of emeralds. To the apparent fascination that emanates from sapphires has fallen through countless lovers, epoch crossing. Anyone can fulfill the dream of an engagement ring with sapphire, because they are available in every price range. It does not necessarily have to be an engagement ring from the category “Duchess Catherine”. In 2010 she received the most prominent of all sapphire rings for engagement. Her copy carries a 12 ct. Ceylon sapphire in oval cut from the forge of the crown jeweller Garrard & Co. The movement of the Sloanies declared engagement rings of this kind to be the ultimate in the 1980s. Although the great interest in saffron rings was not new, but there emerged a cult that continues today.

Get yourself an impression of Berlin’s largest selection of antique and vintage vintage engagement rings. We look forward to inspiring you. The variety of our sapphire engagement rings is stunning!

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