Art déco at Antique Jewellery Berlin – the simple elegance in 2019.

Art déco at Antique Jewellery Berlin – the simple elegance in 2019.

Dear Customers, your team from Antique Jewellery Berlin wishes you all a happy and healthy new year! Together we hope for an exciting as well as harmonious year with perfectly set highlights – and if possible, many of them! We for our part in the last year we have looked very closely and listened well. In which direction do the wishes and interests of our customers go? In many cases, a full-blown passion developed, for instance when discovering our online shop or on site in our beautiful shop. The passion for antique jewellery, who could understand this better than we do, grabs you fast. Old jewelry is timeless, intense and full of positive surprises. In particular, the Art deco era, which began in France in the 1920s, hit and still hits the taste of most modern humans in 2018. That’s how it will be in 2019, because Art deco jewelry is extremely timeless and harmonious.

The jewellery creators of Art deco turned a little from the extreme nature of the Art nouveau / Edwardian, closer to stricter, clear forms. The decent design language of the Art deco comes the today’s claim to be “unpretentious” the next and thus sits firmly in the saddle even in the 21st century. Modern people with a modern taste want antique jewellery from the 1920s to the 1940s? But of course! The simple elegance of the jewelry of this era, paired with the highest standards of material quality and perfect goldsmithing, is still convincing even after almost 100 years. In particular those wishing to marry, like to opt for an antique engagement ring from the Art deco epoch. These perfect engagement rings from a pioneering time, in which everything was possible, are the first choice for modern people. As if the gold and platinum smiths had already guessed, they created jewellery for eternity. To rediscover them today and to plan the covenant for life with them honors the visionaries, masters and artists of the past eras.

How well our clients are advised and understood, one can read in the many positive reviews and feedback on all online channels. Come by and experience personal advice and our entire range at Linienstraße 44. We start with a lot of energy, ambition and patience 🙂 into the New Year. We give you the time you need and have always made our store inviting. Welcome in 2019! Mondays to Saturdays our shop, located at Linienstraße 44 and within walking distance to Hackescher Markt and next to Alexanderplatz, is open for you from 11:00 to 19:00. Of course, you can reach us online 24/7 at

Visit our unique shop for Engagement rings and Antique jewellery – we are looking forward to see you here in the heart of Berlin!

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