Protective amethyst jewellery in February – the violet innocence!

Protective amethyst jewellery in February – the violet innocence!

Similarly pleasing the eye, like the January garnet, appears the birth and luck stone of the 3rd winter month February: the amethyst. Yet, the name of this precious stone is like a healing embrace. With pleasure you give yourself up to its care and rely on the protective characteristics, which quite big scholars and masters like Leonardo da Vinci knew how to estimate and to underline. Thus, the wearer of amethysts should be given a sharp mind as well as keep away bad thoughts and obscured perceptions, for example, because of exuberant alcohol consumption. The amethyst is a macrocrystalline quartz from the same group like the citrine and the tiger’s eye. This crystal owes its multiple colours its iron content, beginning with a tender lilac through a strong lilac up to a luminous magenta.

We fall in love easily and with pleasure in its depth. It is a pleasure to look at it. To the pleasure, even to the fatal pleasure, the amethyst arose from the mythical history of its origin from high spirits and a certain portion of malice. The God of wine, in Greek called “Dionysus” and in Roman “Bacchus”, had the feeling one day after heavy consumption, he wouldn’t be respected enough by the mortals. The next person he would meet would be given a lesson of his divine power. Along the way came a beautiful and innocent girl called Amethyst. In his rage Dionysus unleashed two hungry tigers, who should tear to pieces the young girl, while he himself with his full mug of old juice of the grape wanted to be entertained by this spectacle. The all-seeing goddess “Artemis”, who Amethyst was a glowing admirer of, interrupted in no time at all this scene and transformed Amethyst into a quartz statue. Although Artemis saved the girl from suffering a cruel fate, her transformation couldn’t be taken back anymore. Back to an alert mind, Dionysus regretted what he had done and began to cry bitterly. In doing so, his tears flowed into the wine mug. When he finally broke down in disgrace, he spilled the tear-soaked red wine all over the statue and in the process, the quartz was dyed purple. The amethyst came into being.

In 2018, the amethyst is in everyone’s interest, particularly in the field of antique jewellery. Since it is a decisive symbol in the Suffragettes jewellery. Give Women Vote – Green White Violet. The amethyst exclusively serves the violet within the Suffragettes jewellery. It is therefore the only precious stone in this breathtaking colour combination, which is not interchangeable! Maybe therefore, it was often set as the central stone – take a look at the Suffragettes rings in our assortment. Amethysts mostly radiate their fascination in pendants, colliers and rings. Above all the jewellery creators during the Edwardian epoch loved this precious stone. Of that era, friends of antique jewellery come across this gemstone most commonly. We are glad to take you on this trip.

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